During this unique "once in a lifetime"-event we cooperate with selected partners presented below:

 2xu-logotype     2XU (”Two Times You”) is an australian sports brand within technical advanced fabrics. Mostly famous for compression fabrics, wetsuits, triathlon-, running-, and bikingclothes. All fabrics are trainingclothes with very high technical quality. The fabrics suitable to use before, under and after excercise and are targeted to everyone both amateurs and professionals.
 sj-logotype     SJ is a provider of trains in Sweden and provides exciting koncept trains to selected arrengement. With the guest in focus exciting concepts are created which are special designed for the arrangement. The trains to running races can have the bib distribution at the train and the trains for Vasaloppet has bid distribution and porridge breakfast on the train and also transfer to the start area. SJ offers customized timetables, stops, and the optimal build-up before the race. Welcome!
 sl-logotype     During summer 2017 two new stations will be present in the City Line - Stockholm City and Stockholm Odenplan. The commuter trains will then have their own tracks through the central of Stockholm and the new stations connects the commuter trains with the subway and makes conveniently transfer between the stations. SL wants to create a larger awareness around the future travels with this partnership. Stockholm is a growing area and every day approximately 800 000 persons travel with SL.
neh-logotype     NeH Svenska AB is one of Swedens leading companies within the promotional market and works together with their clients to strengthen their brand and competition. To achieve that NeH combines their knowledge within the promotional market and events with a strong engagement and interest for continously development of new products and services for their customers. NeH have businessrelations with many corporate customers and sports federations with strong brands in Sweden, Norway and Finland. XRcise, owned by NeH, designs and produce functional clothes at very high quality to meet the demands of professional athletes.
jernhusen-logotype     Jernhusen owns, develop and manage properties among the swedish railroad. We want to make it easier to use public transports and to transport goods by railroad. We also want to create new areas within stationbuildings so more people can live, work and reside close to the public transportation areas. This is also why we have built and owns Stockholm Continental, the building right against Stockholms Centralstation and above the new commuter station Stockholm City. Stockholm Continental will make the distance shorter for the daily transportation. Travellers from far away will have an easier entrance to both Stockholm, Centralstation and the City terminal by train, buses and Arlanda Express and the new hotel and the entrance to commuter trains and subway that is in the building.
strukton-logotype     Strukton Rail AB is a company that construct and maintain railroad systems. We are based in whole Scandinavia och have among other things built all railroad technical systems on the new Stockholm City Line. In the city of Stockholm we are also responsible for the maintainance of the subway, the CityLine and large parts of the railroad around Stockholm Centralstation. We are very happy to be one of the partners around the arrangement of Tunnel Run - that will be the final i our contribution for the new City Line in Stockholm. It is lots of extra fun because we know the Citytunnel as our own pocket, and we also like runningraces!
implenia_logotype     Implenia is one of the strongest players in Sweden on large and complex construction projects and has more than 700 employees in Scandinavia. The company has many years of experience and expertise in complex infrastructure projects in both Norway and Sweden. On these markets offer Implenia services in road construction, water and wastewater, concrete structures, bridges, tunnels and caverns, water frost protection and mountain fuse.
mizuno-logotype     The japanese brand Mizuno directs their products to the passionated, concious and serious performer. Mizuno produces running shoes, training clothes and products within the sport market with highets quality for running, handball, volley-ball, tennis, rugby and golf.
Mizuno har since 1906 built a very strong brand with excellence and strive to manufacture products that increases the performance, joy of sports, fantastic comfort and unique function. At Tunnel Run 2017 Mizuno will be present as a proud provider of running shoes.
elitehotel-logotype     Elite Hotels concists of about 30 high quality hotels in Sweden, located from Kiruna in the North to Malmö in South. Every hotel has it´s own unique history and special character. The most of the hotels comes from restored buildings with the ambition to combine classic style with modern trends to create harmony. In Stockholm Elite has six hotels, Marina Tower, Elite Plaza, Elite Eden, Elite Adlon, Elite Arcadia and Elite Palace Hotel.
risenta_logo     Healthy food must be natural, good and provide energy. Everyone should be able to choose good food that is healthy and naturally free of additives. In our range we have healthy products for all hours of the day. We are curious and are constantly looking for new healthy products from around the world, and bring us the best home. In addition to our classic products in the yellow bags, we are launching new products constantly. By offering products and inspire more people to eat healthy, we want to create health for all.
 clearchannel_logotype     Clear Channel is the leading media company i Sweden within outdoor advertising with 90 employees. With concrete announcements and in an environment where people are in transportation, are we the only media that reach all target groups. Clear Channel is a modern and healthy company that motivates the employees to be active. Throgh the partnership with Lidingöloppet and Tunnel Run we will reach those goals.
 nrj-logotype      THIS IS NRJ!
All Hits Non-Stop. Welxome to Europes leading radiobrand with over 28 millions of listeners every week in 12 countries. NRJ is Swedens center for hits and passion for music, events and the biggest concerts. As partner to the largest events the listeners at NRJ will always have the chance to win tickets and meet&greet with the stars. NRJ have a big presence at social networks with entertaining and engaging content and also a YouTube channel with over 80.000 subscribers.
 midnattsloppet_logo     Midnattsloppen (Midnight Run) in Stockholm, Gotheburg, Malmö and Helsingfors is arranged by Midnattsloppet Nordic AB, owned by Hammarby IF Friidrott. The profit from these arrangements is invested in sports associations to create possibilitues for young people to practise athletics. The Midnight Runs have about 65000 entries and have been arranged since 1982 at Södermalm in Stockholm.
 Stockholms stadsmission     Stockholms Stadsmission is an idea based organisation where the mission is to create a more human society for everyone. This is done by work for social care, education and integration by work. Stockholms Stadsmission take over where the public societies resources is not enough and adjust the work from the needs in Stockholm - both emergency and strategic. You can change the life situation for everyone that has been "left-out".

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