Welcome to Cross Country Conference 2023!

How did Andreas Almgren become a world runner and how did Ida Nilsson overcome all obstacles? You will get answers to those questions during this year's edition of the Cross Country Conference (XCC) - a seminar for and with trainers, researchers and those active in endurance sports!

Welcome to Cross Country Conference 2023!

Exactly how has Andreas Almgren trained to run 5000 meters in 13 minutes? What has he changed when it hasn't worked? Will he continue the same?

Ida Nilsson was a superstar in cross country and steeplechase in her teens. Then she couldn't run at all for several years. 20 years later, she is world elite in trail running. How did she overcome all the obstacles? Can you change your focus sport after all the years?

In the ninth edition of the Cross Country Conference, we go through Andreas and Ida's training and life choices! Ask them questions directly and let yourself be inspired by how running fits into life. Everything is completely free. We just want your time and your interest!

You can join us on site at Bosön on Friday 22 September at 4-6pm or follow everything on Teams. If you are at Bosön, you are invited to coffee.

Register here for Bosön or Teams.

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