Rosa Bandet-loppet celebrates this year's pink-ribbon campaign

Thanks a million (or at least six hundred and twenty thousand!) to each and every one of this year's participants in Rosa Bandet-loppet! Together, you have supported the fight against cancer - both through the joy of movement and by contributing to Swedish cancer research!

Rosa Bandet-loppet celebrates this year's pink-ribbon campaign

Now that the Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022 is over, Rosa Bandet-loppet (the Pink Ribbon-race) joins Cancerfonden (the Swedish Cancer Society) in the celebration of the Pink Ribbon Campaign 2022!  This year, the race is proud to have contributed with a full SEK 620 540 to Swedish cancer research!

We would thus like to highlight and praise all participants who took part in the pink party, both on Lidingö and remotely through Rosa Bandet-loppet@Hemma! Your contribution is both important for the fight against cancer and for public health - thank you for taking part and for simultaneously inspiring friends, colleagues and family members to an active lifestyle!

Register for Rosa Bandet-loppet 2023
The entry is already open for the pink running party 2023, and the earlier you sign up, the more advantageous the price. Regardless of when you register, and whether you wish to run Rosa Bandet-loppet 4K or 10K, SEK 100 is allocated to Cancerfonden.

About the Pink Ribbon-campaign
Cancerfonden's Pink Ribbon-campaign runs annually during the month of October and aims to raise money for research, to spread awareness about cancer, to influence decision makers on important cancer-related issues.

Since 2003, Cancerfonden's Pink Ribbon-campaign has collected just over SEK 1 billion. During the same period, Cancerfonden has allocated a total of over SEK 1 billion to breast cancer-related research.

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