Recover with a yoga- or hiking trip!

Ving describes the many health-promoting effects of yoga and hiking - two types of exercise available at all Ving hotels! Take the opportunity to treat yourself to well-deserved rest or to alternative forms of training - find your dream journey with Ving!

Recover with a yoga- or hiking trip!

In Ving's survey on popular trips in our range of sports and training voyages, yoga and hiking ranked the highest. This is not surprising - many health benefits can be achieved when one practices these sports over a week. Fitness, strength, endurance, mental relaxation, balance, and improved breathing techniques are just some examples. In addition, being part of a social community also leads to good health, as social belonging is important for our well-being. There is also a lot time for own activities during this type of trip, so there are great opportunities for recovery.

If you have been diligent with your training for TCS Lidingöloppet, it may be time to let your body get some well-deserved rest. Ving for example offers several different types of yoga- and hiking trips for all levels. Our own hotels also offer a wide range of training options such as yoga, gym, group training and nice surroundings to walk or run in.

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