Lidingöloppet celebrates IFK Lidingö's 90 year-anniversary!

Lidingöloppet honours the 90-year-anniversary of IFK Lidingö - a celebration of our two owner associations IFK Lidingö Friidrott and IFK Lidingö SOK! In this article, chairmen Mikkel Mördrup and Petter Skantze describe their pride of their non-profit sports associations, and share why these organisations are important in the long run!

Lidingöloppet celebrates IFK Lidingö's 90 year-anniversary!

It is often said that no man is an island, and this holds particularly true on the island of Lidingö. Indeed, over 90 years, the two non-profit sports clubs IFK Lidingö Friidrott and IFK Lidingö SOK (together with other sports clubs) have brought people together to rejoice in the world of exercise. Together, they also own and arrange a cross-country race that gathers participants from the entire country and the world. Today, Lidingöloppet celebrates the clubs' anniversary, and surveys where they are heading next in their community-building endeavours:

Mikkel Mördrup, chairman of IFK Lidingö Friidrott

Which of IFK's values are you most proud of?

Mikkel: The sense of community in our association, which for me is a sign of its inclusive culture. It is easy to say that everyone is welcome, but it is harder to ensure that everyone get the same conditions to practice their sports. This year we have, with the support of RF-SISU and the Stockholm Para Federation, enabled parasports to join the association. This makes me proud. I am also proud of our members when they take important initiatives - this summer, for example, three members built a temporary filming tower on Lidingövallen.

IFK Lidingö has been around for a while - how would you like the next generation of athletes to perceive this sports association?
Mikkel: An association is what the members create, which means that an association develops over time and reflects the society and the needs of a certain generation of athletes. Sports associations are unique to Sweden in their non-profit nature. I hope that the next generation will also appreciate the community and sense of belonging that they provide. I also hope that the current generation, like previous generations, can be an inspiration for new generations.

What roles do you usually have as chairman during TCS Lidingöloppet?
Mikkel: I have run my races (11 in total! - editor's note), so now I'm enjoying the role as Block Manager at Koltorp on Saturday. It is a magical feeling to see all runners take off after start. I have toed the starting line many times myself and I know how it can be a both thrilling and terrifying sensation at the same time.

Not everyone is an athlete, but everyone can contribute to the non-profit athletics associations - what ways of doing so would you recommend?
Mikkel: That's right. An association like IFK Lidingö Friidrott depends on passionate individuals who can contribute with administration, communication, sponsorship, etc. - in addition to the sports activities. The diversity in athletics associations is extremely enjoyable, where different skills assist in creating the common good. The prerequisite is that all activity is non-profit.


Petter Skantze, Chairman of IFK Lidingö SOK

What are you celebrating the most during this anniversary?
Petter: I celebrate our strong and committed members, of all age-groups, who jointly make IFK Lidingö SOK the fantastic club that it is.

What is your fondest memory in the IFK organization?
When we, for the second time, won the 25manna team competition in Haninge in 2014. It was a great triumph for everyone in the club - for recreational participants as well as for the youth and for the elite.

What challenges do you think lie ahead for the non-profit sports movement?
Right now, we are recovering from the adversity caused by the covid pandemic. This caused major setbacks for most businesses, but also for us in the non-profit sports associations. In the current situation, everyone is welcome to take part by volunteering!

What do you hope will happen within IFK Lidingö SOK during the next 10 years which we can celebrate at the 100-year-anniversary?
Petter: I hope that we will be able to participate with five teams of the 25manna team competition, and that we can win a couple of more times. I also hope that we can win the race 10MILA together with team-members who have grown up in the club - both men and women.


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