Elajjaz runs Lidingöloppet with a record crowd

This year's most noticed Lidingöloppet runner will undoubtedly be Elias Lönn. In the sports world, he is completely unknown, but in the gaming world, he is a superstar. When he cycled Vätternrundan this summer, he filmed his entire race - and over half a million people watched!

Now he will run TCS Lidingöloppet in front of a likely digital record audience. And at the same time raise money for Save the Children.

Elajjaz runs Lidingöloppet with a record crowd

In the gaming world, he is a star named Elajjaz. His everyday life consists of playing computer games, often ten hours a day. The point is that he simultaneously comments on the gameplay and streams everything. Several hundred thousand interested people follow him every day.

- My hobby has become my job, says Elajjaz, who when he is not in the international gaming world is called Elias Lönn, is 31 years old and lives in Gävle.

In gaming, there is a lot of sitting in front of the computer and the connection to running and other exercise is not crystal clear, to say the least. So how do you go about carrying out A Swedish classic like Elias is now doing? He has completed Vätternrundan and Vansbro swimming and now Lidingöloppet is on.

- Exercise has always been a part of my life, especially running and strength training. Mom always ran a lot, and my dad and brother took me to the gym. It became a lifestyle for me too.

- And now I felt that I wanted a challenge, so it became A Swedish Classic.

Running Lidingöloppet does not scare him in itself, since he has run a lot over the years, but doing it with equipment that weighs 4 kilos does. He will have a Gopro camera in a harness on his chest, a router and two power banks in a belt and a transmitter in his backpack.

- There will probably be a bit of skimming, it feels a bit difficult. My biggest concern is that some cable will come loose and everything will go wrong.

Elias will comment on his race while he runs and at the hydration stations there will certainly be some interviews.

One of the goals of participating in En Svensk Klassiker is to raise money for Save the Children. The goal was from the beginning to raise one million kroner, but after two of the four competitions they have already got more than that. He does the fundraising together with Maral Moghadasi.

- Elias and I have known each other for ten years, and we have raised a lot of money before, says Maral Moghadasi. Maral works to reach out to the gaming world on behalf of Save the Children.

- It has been a challenge to reach out to that group, and this is a fun step on the way.

And reaching out to the group, you can really say they did. Many gamers have contacted Elias after seeing him cycling and swimming and announced that they broke the sedentary and rather unhealthy lifestyle associated with computer games.

- People have started cycling and exercising and many have lost a lot of weight. It is so inspiring! says Elias Lönn.

Good luck with the race and the fundraising and continue to inspire, we say at TCS Lidingöloppet!


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