Clothing for all weather is important at Lidingöloppet

TCS Lidingöloppet is fast approaching and whatever distance you are going to run, you need to be well dressed to have the best possible experience during your race. We can never control the weather, but we can influence our clothes, which is why we at 2XU have put together suggestions on how to be well prepared for all types of weather, so that you can focus on running.

Clothing for all weather is important at Lidingöloppet

Compression is in our DNA, so we start there. We have several different compression tights to choose from. Now we want to take the opportunity to recommend our Light Speed tights, they come in both full length and as shorts - the choice depends on the temperature outside. The advantage of our Light speed tights is that they have something we call MCS (muscle containment stamping), which provides extra compression force on exposed muscle areas to minimize vibrations in the muscles, prevent injuries and at the same time speed up recovery. A given choice, especially for the longer distances.

On the upper body, we recommend a garment that both fits comfortably and has good ventilation. You can find that in our Aero collection and they come in three different designs – long-sleeved or short-sleeved t-shirt and tank top.

They are equipped with an extra ventilated back to conduct away the body's heat. Which of the three will suit best is up to each one, as we all have different preferences and of course what temperature it is outside.

Both before and after the race it can be good to keep warm and then we recommend our Aero jacket or anorak. It will also do the trick if it turns out to be really cold or if the rain chooses to participate during the race.

Then we have the feet and head left. Again we want to mention the advantages of compression, then in our socks. Vectr socks are available in several different lengths and colors. If you choose to run in shorts, we recommend Vectr full length, which provides compression support over the calf. If you choose full-length tights, the same sock is available in "crew-length" (standard sock length) and in ankle length.

You don't have to worry about the socks not fitting well, as all our socks have compression and all have what we call X-LOCK, which prevents the sock from moving on the foot.

The head then, something that is good in all weathers is a cap or visor. It stops the sweat from running down the eyes and face and it protects against both sun and a little rain. A given accessory for all runners. 2XU has three choices - Run Cap, Run Visor and Light Speed Cap. Again, personal preference and taste determine what suits you best.

Good luck at Lidingöloppet and we hope to see you there!

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