Choose TCS Trail and get a unique film

This year too, the TCS Lidingöloppet offers an experience above and beyond the ordinary. Choose TCS Trail and get a personal TCS Lidingöloppet Video as you cross the finish line, to share with family and friends on social media.

Choose TCS Trail and get a unique film

TCS Trail is a 50-metre-long track that runs parallel to the regular course. The track, which is set up just after Lidingövallen, is rigged with different cameras that capture the runner from multiple angles. The different shots are then cut together to make a film, with you in the leading role.

TCS wants to promote an active and healthy lifestyle that leads to well-being and health. This video is our thank you for choosing a healthy lifestyle and being an inspiration to others to do the same

Choosing TCS Trail is optional, completely free of charge, and requires no registration.


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