Lidingöloppet presents: training programs for TCS Lidingöloppet 2022

In collaboration with Runner’s World and Twiik, Lidingöloppet launches training programs in preparation for TCS Lidingöloppet 2022. The coaches behind the training programs are Anders Szalkai, chief publicist for Runner’s World and winner of Stockholm Marathon, and Malin Ewerlöf, three-time TCS Lidingöloppet winner.

Lidingöloppet presents: training programs for TCS Lidingöloppet 2022

Together with Anders Szalkai, Malin Ewerlöf, Runner’s World, and the digital training platform Twiik, Lidingöloppet launches six digital training programs for all who want to get ready for the race. All training programs are adapted to different goals and distances.

- TCS Lidingöloppet is - with its hilly course - a real challenge. The right preparation and training can help to make this race a memorable experience”, says Anders Szalkai.

The programs include three running sessions per week, and are adapted to various levels to fit difeferent training backgrounds. Each Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday include special focus sessions, but participants can choose the kind of training that feel most inspiring. 

- Of course, participants do not have to strictly follow the day-to-day planning for the training sessions - the program can be adapted to the runners' everyday lives - continuity is very important, Anders Szalkai continues.

The programs are launched on the digital training platform Twiik. After registering, participants will receive instructions via the Twiik app, and can then register training sessions and results both directly in the app.

The training programs cost SEK 349 and are available on Twiik and soon also in connection with the race registration for TCS Lidingöloppet. The programs are 5 months long and will start on April 25. The programs are adapted for four different time goals for the 30K race and for two different time goals for the 15K race. 

About the coaches
The coaches Anders Szalkai and Malin Ewerlöf have long backgrounds as high-level athletes, and have both continued to work as coaches for exercise and elite runners after their own elite careers. Both Malin and Anders have participated in TCS Lidingöloppet multiple times. Despite her focus on shorter distances during her time as an elite athlete, Malin has won the 30K race event three times, with an impressive 1.57 as her best time.

Both coaches have long experience adapting training to their participants' fitness levels and training goals, and are also well acquainted with Lidingöloppet's course.

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