Getting to TCS Lidingöloppet 2022

Plan your route to Lidingö in advance to guarantee a smooth journey to the running party! During TCS Lidingöloppet weekend, you can for example use free buses from Ropsten - which take you directly to the number bib distribution at Lidingövallen - or use one of the event's parking areas.

Getting to TCS Lidingöloppet 2022

Welcome to the TCS Lidingöloppet weekend 2022 - a race event which gathers participants from the entire nation and the globe! 

There are a number of ways to get to TCS Lidingöloppet. During the weekend, there are however limited possibilities to use the car, due to closed roads and sinde the number of parking spots are limited. We therefore recommend participants to either travel to Ropsten by public transport and then use TCS Lidingöloppet's free buses between Lidingövallen and Ropsten, or chosing one of the other means of transport listed below: 

Go to Stockholm/T-Centralen by railway and then the free bus to Lidingövallen >
Take the car to Ropsten and then the free bus to Lidingövallen >
Take a taxi/transportation service to TCS Lidingöloppet >
Take the car all the way to TCS Lidingöloppet (recommended route) >

If you choose to park your car, the fee is SEK 60, of which SEK 30 is allocated in full to the Swedusg Cancer Society (Cancerfonden). The 
Swish number for the fee is 123 457 57 75.

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