The official 2022 TCS Lidingöloppet attire is here!

TCS Lidingöloppet proudly presents this year's T-shirt from Stadium/SOC and shoe from Saucony. The collection reflects TCS Lidingöloppet as a dynamic challenge for everyone, with its varied terrain and scenic views.

This year's official TCS Lidingöloppet t-shirt comes from Stadium and SOC. The print displays the scenic stretch along Kyrkviken - a flat and scenic section of the TCS Lidingöloppet course which for many provides well-needed recovery in the race. The shirt is a part of the ReRun collection - an assortment of durable and functional running clothes. The ReRun-garments have been manufactured with water-saving techniques or recycled materials and represent SOC's most sustainable alternatives. By using products from the ReRun collection, you can run with the environment in mind, without compromising on comfort and function. 

This year's official TCS Lidingöloppet shoe the model Kinvara 13 - a lightweight shoe from Saucony which is excellent for both speed-runs and distance training. Kinvara has become the preferred shoe for both elite- and recreational runners and provides a sense of lightness and freedom on race-day. This year's shoe design goes hand in hand with the TCS Lidingöloppet palette. The insole displays the course map with the famous hills, so that users can be reminded of this impressive feat!

Follow this link to see this year's TCS Lidingö running shirt and shoe in Stadium's webshop>

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