The Lidingö Lab (Lidingölabbet) and Stadium answer runners' questions about equipment

What equipment will help you reach your goals during TCS Lidingöloppet? We asked runners to send their questions, and now Stadium's running expert Jessica Ottosson has answered a selection me of them.

During spring and summer, the Lidingö Lab (Lidingölabbet) enables you to pose questions about preparations for the upcoming race this autumn. What do you wish to know about workouts, nutrition, strength and mental training? the Lidingö Lab is here to answer.  

In this video, Lidingölabbet, in cooperation with Stadium, respond to questions submitted regarding equipment! What should runners bear in mind when buying shoes? How can one ensure that running tights fit well? Are compression socks right for everyone or are short socks enough? And what should one keep in mind when buying a running watch? See some of the responses to questions in the clip below, and an additoinal selection in the following text. 

Other questions:

Many people recommend compression socks when running to prevent injuries. Is this helpful or can you keep running with short socks?

Jessica, Stadium:
Compression socks increase the blood circulation and give muscular support. Some people who have problems with osteomyelitis or cramps in the calf experience that they get better results with compression socks.


I want my running tights to feel tight but sometimes it leads to abrasions. How do I find tights that fit perfectly?

Jessica, Stadium:
The most important thing to bear in mind when looking for a pair of running tights is that you find the right size. When you get sweaty and hot, there is a greater risk of friction, which can lead to abrasions. So it is thus important to find the right size, or maybe select a pair of compression tights, which feel like an extra "skin" on the body.

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