Anna Bachman and Fredrick Ekholm are the 2022 laurel wreath carriers

Even though TCS Lidingöloppet 2022 will be framed by tens of thousands of personal victories, it is a special honor to win the first place in the world's largest cross-country race. TCS Lidingöloppet is therefore proud to present this year's laurel wreath carriers, who will celebrate this year's winners at the finish line at Grönsta.

It is with great pride that TCS Lidingöloppet presents this year's laurel wreath carriers (kranskulla and kransmas) - Anna Bachman from IFK Lidingö Skid & Orienteringsklubb and Fredrick Ekholm from IFK Lidingö Friidrott. Both will be TCS Lidingöloppet's ambassadors during this autumn's running party and will hand over the victory wreaths to the winners in the races.

In an interview, Anna and Fredrick describe the excitement of being next in line in a tradition that has characterized TCS Lidingöloppet since 1968:

How did you react when you found out that you had been named crown wreath and wreath mas of the year?
I was very happy and surprised!

Fredrick: I felt happy and honored when I received the request and I did not hesitate for a second to say yes. Being the wreath carrier is one of the finest roles you can have.

What is your favorite tradition during the TCS Lidingöloppet weekend?
Anna: When the whole club gathers up before the event and helps out to build the arena. These get-togethers are always framed by a really nice atmosphere!

Fredrick: One of my personal favorites during the TCS Lidingöloppet weekend is Kidszone, for which I have been been the race official for several years. It has always been a lot of fun to see children come by and have fun while their parents participate in the race events. Another tradition that I appreciate is the Rosa Bandet-loppet (the Pink Ribbon Race), as I have relatives who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I thus think that race has a very meaningful cause!

What is your strategy when it comes to handing over the wreaths to the tired runners at the final stretch of the race?
Oh, I have not thought about that yet, but I think I will try to study the runner, so that I do not surprise him or her, and so that everything proceeds smoothly. 

Fredrick: I did not think of this until I was asked. I have just called my friend and convinced him to become my training person when it comes to handing over the wreath. My spontaneous strategy and hope is that there will be lone runners in the lead in most race events, that they will be tired enough for me to keep up, that I do not stumble, that I do not make the leader stumble, that it does not rain and that the wreath is on before the race is over. If it does not turn out as I intended, I will be nervous that I will make a mistake.

About Anna Bachman:
Family: Fiancé Christian, mother, father and little brother.
Merits: Place 18 and 26 in the World Championships, as well as 3 gold medals in the Swedish Championships.
Goals with sport: After I finished my elite venture in 2019, now the goal is to participate in some relays and above all meet all friends and feel the wonderful atmosphere in the club.

About Fredrick Ekholm:
Family: Partner, mother, father and two younger brothers.
Merits: Silver in the Youth World Championships in Octathlon, winner in Finnkampen in 110mh, Swedish Championship gold medallist in 110m hurdles etc.
Goals with sport: My big goal is to be on the starting line in all the different international championships (EC, WC and Olympics).

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