The design of this year's medal

TCS Lidingöloppet presents this year's medal, which, keeping to a 30-year-old tradition, features Carl Milles classic statues. 

The design of this year's medal

The design on the 2021 TCS Lidingöloppet medal features Carl Milles statue "Swallow" (1950) - a small bird intended for the monumental sculpture group "The Fountain of Faith" (1939-52), which with 38 human statues, plus animals and plants, is found at Falls Church outside Washington DC.

The plaque next to the sculpture group reads: "The Fountain of Faith makes us see that we do not walk alone...that we'll have a part in the bigger scheme of things". TCS Lidingöloppet  celebrates this message after a long period of isolation: We do not walk alone - we run together!

All medal motifs on TCS Lidingöloppet's medals have since 1989 depicted one of the artist Carl Mille's statues. The statues can be seen at Millesgården on Lidingö.

About Carl Milles:
Carl Emil Wilhelm Milles, born Andersson the 23th of June 1875 in Lagga (Knivsta municipality), died 19 September 1955 on Lidingö, was a Swedish sculptor. Carl Milles was active mainly in Europe, but for a long time also in the United States. He is known for his fountains and other works in large-scale format. Read more about Carl Milles at

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