Thank you ted&gustaf - the development team behind TCS Lidingöloppet's new website!

TCS Lidingöloppet expresses our most heartfelt thank you to the digital agency ted&gustaf, which, through the new layout on has enhanced the race experience online!

Thank you ted&gustaf - the development team behind TCS Lidingöloppet's new website!

Being the world's largest cross-country race does not necessarily mean that one can master all types of terrain. TCS Lidingöloppet is therefore grateful to the digital agency team at ted&gustaf, which has helped us break new ground, become familiar with new colormaps, and find new communication routes in the digital terrain at

Ted&gustaf is a digital agency specialized in web development, UX/UI design, digital strategy and communications. During their work with TCS Lidingöloppet, ted&gustaf has given a brand new design, an improved user experience and a new, technical implementation. One of the focus areas during their work has been to make it easier for runners to find information about the races and to register.

Through ted&gustaf, it is now also easier for visitors to get the race experience online. The new layout, colors and images all enhance the experience of running in Lidingö's scenic landscapes during the most beautiful days in September - an experience which characterizes TCS Lidingöloppet, and which is now available all year round at

Ted&gustaf's efforts have also helped TCS Lidingöloppet as organizer and partner, as the new website makes it easier to highlight our sponsors and publish information for volunteers and race officials. All this is of great value for TCS Lidingöloppet as an event organizer involved with tens of thousands of runners, many thousands of non-profit workers, and a large number of well-known sponsors.

In light of all this, TCS Lidingöloppet recommends ted&gustaf to all parties who, like us, are involved in large-scale events with complex information management.

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About ted&gustaf
Episerver Premium Solution Partner based in Stockholm, Sweden, providing strategy, design, and development, for successful large-scale websites. Although some would call us a digital agency, others would call us web developers, or web consultants. Regardless, we help companies build websites using leading content management systems. Our basic idea is to work with a limited number of clients and focus on long-term relationships where we get to know the people we work with, their company and the business they are in. We believe this is key for our own and our clients'​ success.

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