TCS Lidingöloppet's Secretary-General Cecilia Gyldén on the races in 2021

TCS Lidingöloppet's Secretary-General Cecilia Gyldén on Lidingöloppets comeback in 2021

1. What Lidingöloppet arrangement are you looking forward to this year?
All of them! I am looking forward to a year characterized by running. Many Swedes have kept running, walking and cycling recreationally through the pandemic, and there is now a great desire to run races. A few of the many highlights this year will be Vårmilen in early May, Blodomloppet in June, and of course the big running festivities during TCS Lidingöloppet in September!

2. How will TCS Lidingöloppet 2021 be arranged - will it be carried out as usual, will it be smaller, or will it be like last autumn?
We plan to carry out TCS Lidingöloppet on Lidingö during the last weekend in September. Since it is difficult to predict how the health situation will develop, we are also looking at other solutions if current restrictions do not allow for a “normal” Lidingö race. Please keep an eye on our channels for more information ahead.

In any event, the race will be arranged at the end of September, so you can calmly plan your training to reach top shape until then! And do not forget to secure your race enery to ensure that you get to start. In the event of any restrictions on the number of participants, we will prioritize participants who have registered early.

3. Public health is one of the core pillars of TCS Lidingöloppet. How will the arrangement this year be safe for all participants?
We carefully follow the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations and current restrictions. This means, among other things, that the races in 2021 may be divided into smaller starting groups, that we strengthen our cleaning and hygiene routines and that we introduce measures that help everyone keep distance from each other.

4. What did you learn during last year's virtual race that will be useful in this year's event?
I learnt that TCS Lidingöloppet is a strong community. During the race month last year, I saw Abborrbacken-signs, Kyrkviken energy stations and Grönsta finish lines being built all over the country, and participants came together to cheer each other on on our social media pages. This togetherness will make this year's running festivities extraordinary!

We were also happy to welcome new runners who enjoy races, but maybe not in the usual form where everyone toes the starting line together. I hope we can welcome even more new runners in 2021.

5. Last year, Lilla Lidingöloppet was not arranged due to the health situation. What is the status for races for children at the moment?
The Swedish Public Health Agency's report on 20 January highlights the importance of physical activity for young people, and the Swedish Public Health Agency has therefore requested that the government eases its previous recommendations regarding organized sports activities indoors and outdoors. In light of this, we hope to be able to arrange Lilla Lidingöloppet in adapted forms this autumn.

6. Will participants be able to move their registration to next year if this year's races become virtual?
If this year's races becomes virtual, race participants will be able to move their registrations to next year's arrangement. 

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