TCS Lidingöloppet presents the TCS Lidingöloppet Week 2021

TCS Lidingöloppet presents the TCS Lidingöloppet Week 2021

In order for TCS Lidingöloppet 2021 to be a focal point for public health, nature experiences and personal challenges, even during pandemic times, this year's event will be adapted. Lidingöloppet is thus proud to present The TCS Lidingöloppet week 2021 - the classic TCS Lidingöloppet event, arranged over a week.

With a number of precautionary measures, and based on current guidelines, participants during The TCS Lidingöloppet Week 2021 will be offered to run the traditional races together in the Lidingö terrain between the last weekend in September and the first weekend in October.

The races during The TCS Lidingöloppet Week will be carried out according to the following program:

Friday the 24 September
Opening Ceremony
TCS Lidingöruset
TCS Lidingörullet
TCS Lidingö five

Saturday the 25 September
TCS Lidingöloppet 30K

Sunday the 26 September
TCS Lidingöloppet 15K
TCS Lidingöloppet Junior & Veteran

Monday the 27 September
- Friday the 1 October
The Lidingö School Relay

Saturday the 2 October
Lidingöloppet MTB 30
Lilla Lidingöloppet MTB

Sunday the 3 October
TCS Lilla Lidingöloppet
TCS Lidingö Knattelopp
The Pink Ribbon-Race

In addition to The TCS Lidingöloppet Week, Lidingöloppet will also arrange the digital races TCS Lidingöloppet @ Hemma and The Pink Ribbon-Race @ Hemma.

In a statement, Lidingöloppet's general secretary Cecilia Gyldén describes the careful planning that precedes this year's event:

“TCS Lidingöloppet chooses to plan the autumn events based on a number of precautionary measures. Among other things, we will have smaller starting waves, fewer races per day, safe queuing systems, and enhanced hygiene routines. With these systems in place, which secure the health and safety for all participants, we choose to carry out all the traditional races and classes that signify a regular TCS Lidingöloppet event, but spread out over two weekends."

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