TCS Lidingöloppet consolidates role as classical event for the modern era with new graphic design

TCS Lidingöloppet presents a new, visual appearance for our timeless event. The new look aims to capture the natural environments, the diversity of our participants, and the particular scenery that have characterized the event for 56 years. Through the adaptations, TCS Lidingöloppet aims to manifest how the race is both firmly rooted in Swedish tradition, but also constantly evolving. 

TCS Lidingöloppet consolidates its role as a classical event for the modern era with new graphic design

TCS Lidingöloppet is the world's largest cross-country race, a part of the Swedish Classic Circuit,  and a 56-year-old running tradition. Every year at the end of September, tens of thousands of participants come to Lidingö for our annual running celebration in scenic natural settings. The race has thus become both a a meet for the top elite and, simultaneously, a source of inspiration for recreational runners in both Sweden and globally. 

Despite TCS Lidingöloppet's long history and many traditions, the event must keep evolving as a classic event in contemporary times. TCS Lidingöloppet strives to continue to be a timeless source of inspiration for the running community, for public health, and for a society under constant change. TCS Lidingöloppet therefore launches a new graphic profile which emphasizes the its role as the most epic running experience you can take part in in all times. We want to emphasize the nature as the race's arena and the fact that the TCS Lidingöloppet weekend offers something for everyone - from running really far to experiencing Lidingö's fantastic natural environments.

On the 1st of June we therefore change our layout. The new logo still features the classic "runner", but in a modernized and softer touch to better symbolizes the diversity of our participants. The green "track" in the new logo represents the arena we run in, which softly and gently winds through nature. We also present a partly new color scheme with different shades of green and yellow to bring to mind the feeling of when late summer meets fall during the last weekend of September.

We hope you appreciate the new visual appearance You will notice the difference here on Lidingöloppet's website, in our social media channels, in our newsletter, and of course during TCS Lidingöloppsveckan (The TCS Lidingöloppet Week) the 24th of September to the 3rd of October 2021.

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