Set goals for 2021 with TCS Lidingöloppet!

Use TCS Lidingöloppet to set a long-term goal for your training - sign up for one of our races in 2021!

Set goals for 2021 with TCS Lidingöloppet!

With the running festivities in September as a long-term goal, it will be easier to motivate the training sessions during the year. Through each completed workout, you will get closer to the euphoric feeling on Lidingö's running trails, where you and thousands of runners achieve your personal goals - accompanied by music and cheers!

If you prefer a short-term goal to motivate your training, Lidingöloppet arranges fast-paced challenges in beautiful terrain throughout the entire year. In May you can for example enjoy spring through Vårmilen, in June we welcome you to Blodomloppet, and throughout the entiire summer you can take part in Lidingöloppet races around the country during Lidingöloppet on Tour Powered by Klövern.

We are looking forward to following your journey to personal success during 2021 - during the preparations and all the way to the finish line! Take the first step now and sign up for one of our races here.

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