Rosa Bandet-loppet presents "Rosa Rörelseglädje"!

Rosa Bandet-loppet launches programs for at-home-training!

Rosa Bandet-loppet presents "Rosa Rörelseglädje"!

As a race dedicated to promote public health, the Pink Ribbon-Race wishes to encourage recreational exercises - even during a time when there is restricted access to gyms and other training facilities. We are thus proud to present "Rosa Rörelseglädje" - training which can be carried out at home and without equipment.

All exercises in the Rosa Rörelseglädje series are assembled on Instagram under the hashtag #rosarörelseglädje and can be adapted to the practitioner's own goals. Although the exercises have descriptions of their benefits for running, the training is not running-specific but can also be carried out to promote general health and well-being.

Through the exercises, the Pink Ribbon-Race hopes to encourage a soft start to 2021, and inspire runners to register for the 4K or 10K events during the race this autumn.

The Pink Ribbon-Race is arranged in favor of Cancerfonden and SEK 100 of every entry fee is allocated to cancer research. Run the race for someone you love - sign up through this link!

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