Qualify for the wave starts this fall!

Learn all you need to know about this year's race qualifications here.  

Qualify for the start waves this fall!

As the wave starts for Lidingöloppet 2021 are smaller than in a normal year, it is especially important to submit a qualifing time early. In this interview, Josefin Almkvist, volunteer manager at TCS Lidingöloppet, describes how to get a qualifying time for this year's race. 

1. Why should I submit a qualifying time during my registration to TCS Lidingöloppet 2021?
To give yourself the smoothest journey over the lidingö trails this fall. By submitting a qualifying time, the race administration will place you in an appropriate group for the wave starts. Running together with participants on the at the same level allows you to run in a steady pace - without having to slow down or pass slower runners. It also allows you to be paced by the other participants and thereby run your best race.

2. Are the wave starts different this year? 
Yes, this year's race waves will contain fewer participants per group. For example, race wave 2 will this year be divided into 2A, 2B and 2C - all of which have the same qualifying time. Please find all information about this year's wave starts here.

3. What races can I run to get a qualifying time for TCS Lidingöloppet?
TCS Lidingöloppet has two digital races which can be used as qualifiers for TCS Lidingöloppet:

Lidingöloppet On Tour Powered By Klövern
TCS Lidingöloppet is currently on a tour over the country and will visit nine cities for digital races over the summer. All races in the series can be used to qualify for TCS Lidingöloppet. To participate, you need a watch with GPS reception. Register for Lidingöloppet On Tour Powered By Klövern here.

Blodomloppet Stockholm
Lidingöloppet organizes the digital Blodomloppet Stockholm, which is arranged between the 20 of May and the 9 of September 2021. In addition to being a race qualifier for TCS Lidingöloppet, the digital Blodomloppet Stockholm draws attention to the importance of blood donations. Sign up for the digital Blood Circuit Stockholm here!

4. Can I get a qualifying time for TCS Lidingöloppet without participating in a race?
Yes, the Racefox app allows for digital seeding outside the regular races. This means that the last 10K on the TCS Lidingöloppet trail, as well as the 10K courses in Hellasgården, Ursvik, Lida and Skatås are available for runners who want to run a seeding race outside regular races. Register for digital seeding with Racefox here!

 You can also use your result from TCS Lidingöloppet in the last three years as a qualifying time. Visit My Pages to see what starting group you are in. 

5. How is the selection process for the wave starts carried out? Am I guaranteed a place in a wave start if I just submit a great qualifying time?
The selection is done automatically and with preference to participants who have submitted a qualifying time early. 

6. How close to the race can I wait to sumbit a qualifying time?
You have until August 25 to submit a qualifying time to the wave starts, but getting into one is subject to availability. I therefore recommend everyone to sumbit a qualifying time as early as possible to be sure to join the right wave start. 


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