Lissen Lindman on running throughout the course of life!

It is a common idea that running is only for a short part of the life cycle. Ann-Louise "Lissen" Lindman, 92, proves the opposite. At the age of 86, she finished her first TCS Lidingöloppet, and today she is both a record-holder in age, a frequent medalist, and an inspiration into the world of running for her 5-year-old great-great-grandson Albin!

Lissen Lindman on running throughout the course of life!

In this interview, Ann-Louise "Lissen" Lindman describes how one can take part in TCS Lidingöloppet throughout the course of life. She also shares advice on how to prepare for the event, for all runners who are joining TCS Lidingöloppet for the first time time in September:

You ran TCS Lidingöloppet for the first time at age 86, what made you sign up?
- I had been part of TCS Lidingöloppet as a race official since the first races were arranged. Year after year, I took part in the running party by serving coffee for participants at Grönsta. The event has always been close to my heart since I live close to the running trails and because I know the race's founders Sven Gärerud, Lars-Eric Dahlstedt and Assar Blomquist.

Before the race in 2016, Sven Gärderud and Lars-Eric Dahlstedt described that TCS Lidingöloppet had a new race event for women in the age group 80. They finished by stating that "you can do it!". It was the encouragement I needed to dare to toe the starting line for the first time and to finish the race. I learnt along the way that four kilometers was not that difficult!

Have you trained throughout your life or has your interest in running developed gradually?
- I have been exercising my entire life and have participated in a number of regular recreational races, and also hiked in the mountains. My inspiration for a healthy lifestyle has, over the last 15 years, been GIH (the Swedish School of Sport and Health Science) and I have for long trained in their gymnastics- and health projects for seniors.

You have the record as the TCS Lidingöloppet's age senior - does this record take focus from time and position when you run the race?
- No, the position in the race is still important!

What advice could you share to participants who are taking part in TCS Lidingöloppet for the first time this year?
- My tip would be to visit the TCS Lidingöloppet trails before the race in order to learn the course. You do not have to run - walking is sufficient. The main point is to get to know the hills and to know where the recovering parties are located. This is important to know beforehand in order to know how to use your forces on race day.

What do you say to inspire children and grandchildren to an active lifestyle?
- The family, with many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, usually stand and cheer for me at the final stretch at Grönsta! My 5-year-old great-great-grandson Albin is probably cheering the most enthusiastically. This autumn, I hope to inspire his own path into the world of sports, as we plan to run 1.7K together during the Knatteloppet!

Lissen celebrates her first TCS Lidingölopp - and her second place in the race - in 2016 together with the winner Kristina Stannow and the bronze medallist Pirkko Loippo. Photo: Lina Lindman

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