Lidingöloppet presents: This year's medal motif

The motif on this year's medal features one of Carl Milles' statues which best reflects the unique nature experience during TCS Lidingöloppet.

Lidingöloppet presents: This year's medal motif

The 2022 TCS Lidingöloppet medal, which all participants receive at the finish line, shows Carl Milles' statue "Forest God with Three Ravens" (ca. 1875 - 1955). The work depicts the natural mysticism which was a recurring theme for the artist. The idea that there is a spirituality in all living things grows more and more prevalent during Carl Milles' lifetime. In his work, magical beings such as centaurs, naiads, nymphs and forest gods thus populate the lakes and roam the forests.

TCS Lidingöloppet hopes that the natural forces will give this year's participants a magical experience on meadows and forest trails during this year's race events!

All of Carl Milles' statues, which, for 30 years have been featured on the TCS Lidingöloppet medals, can be seen at Millesgården on Lidingö. The following Carl Milles works have so far been embossed on the medals (names translated to Swedish):

1989: To another world
1990: To another world
1991: To another world
1992: The Vikings
1993: Faun with three ravens
1994: The Archer
1995: The Wind Goddess
1996: The Aganippe fountain
1997: Europa and the Bull
1998: Genius
1999: The Dancers
2000: Brother and Sister
2001: Sun Glitter
2002: The Flying Horse
2003: Diana
2004: ”Forest Nymph” from Man and Nature
2005: Centaur with Birds
2006: The Hand of God
2007: Play with Fishes
2008: Engelbrekt
2009: The Ice Skating Princess
2010: Jona and the Whale
2011: Detail of Poseidon
2012: "the Sisters" (detail from the Fountain of Faith
2013: The littlie Najad (detail)
2014: Man & Pegasus
2015: Heraldig lion
2016: "The Painter", detail from the Aganippe Fountain
2017: Hylas
2018: Eurydike
2019: Running Deer
2020: Rhinoceros
2021: Swallow (detail from the Fountain of Faith) 

About Carl Milles:
Carl Emil Wilhelm Milles, born Andersson the 23th of June 1875 in Lagga (Knivsta municipality), died 19 September 1955 on Lidingö, was a Swedish sculptor. Carl Milles was active mainly in Europe, but for a long time also in the United States. He is known for his fountains and other works in large-scale format. Read more about Carl Milles at

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