Lidingöloppet informs with regards to the new Covid-19-restrictions

Lidingöloppet complies with the new regulations and recommendations issued by the Swedish Government and the Swedish Public Health Agency in connection with the covid-19-pandemic.

Lidingöloppet informs with regards to the new Covid-19-restrictions
  • The current recommendations and restrictions, which were communicated on the 10th of January, are primarily aimed at events and competitions arranged indoors - not at races arranged outdoors.
  • Lidingöloppet currently sees no reason to adjust or change the current race calendar, nor to change the race's structure and layout. In other words, we continue as planned both for Vårmilen (arranged on the 30th of April) and for  TCS Lidingöloppet (arranged between the 23th and the 25th of September).
  • Lidingöloppet will have dialogues with relevant authorities before all race events to ensure the safety of all participants, spectators and volunteer workers, just like we did in 2021.
  • In the event that a race would get cancelled, the existing "General Terms and Conditions" in our registration agreements apply, which means that you would have the right to move your registration to next year's race at no additional cost.

For more information about the covid-19-pandemic and the current regulations and recommendations in place in Sweden, please visit:

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