Johanniterhjälpen provides medical services during TCS Lidingöloppet 2022

TCS Lidingöloppet sends our most heartfelt thank you to Johanniterhjälpen, which, through defibrillators and race officials, ensures that the TCS Lidingöloppet weekend is a heart-safe event!

Johanniterhjälpen provides medical services during TCS Lidingöloppet 2022

The safety of our participants has the highest priority during TCS Lidingöloppet. We are thus grateful for our collaboration with Johanniterhjälpen, which makes the TCS Lidingö race a heart-safe event for all runners, officials and other participants. Through defibrillators along the TCS Lidingö course and at the arenas, Johanniterhjälpen ensures that CPR can be carried out immediately in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest during the event.

Defibrillators and CPR - of central importance during a sudden cardiac arrest!
Cardiac arrests often occurrs without warning and require immediate intervention - for every minute that goes by, the chance of survival decreases by ten percent. With the help of CPR, the body gets help with what it cannot master at the moment. With a defibrillator, an electric shock can be used to get the heart back to its normal rhythm - efforts which save lives.

The defibrillators locations during TCS Lidingöloppet
Thanks to Johanniterhjälpen, there will be defibrillators, and officials trained to use them, on site at Grönsta, Lidingövallen and Koltorp. They will also be present, with approximately two kilometer distance between each, along the TCS Lidingöloppet course on Saturday the 24th of September. With the help of 4-wheel transports, these life-saving means will always close at hand during the event.

About Johanniterhjälpen
Johanniterhjälpen is a global organisation, whose Swedish branch works to increase the survival during cardiac arrest. It does so by training private individuals in CPR, as well as by equipping them with their own portable defibrillators. These volunteer workers are experienced in heart saving from various athletic- and cultural events, such as TCS Lidingöloppet. They are also connected to lifesaving IT-systems and are thus prepared in the event of an alarm.

Johanniterhjälpen's defibrillators are financed through internal funds and donations. Contribute to their vital efforts here!

Read more about Johanniterhjälpen and how they work here!
Do you want to join Johanniterhjälpen? Click here to register as a volunteer.

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