Interview with Erik Martinsson, stage winner of Lidingöloppet On Tour Powered By Klövern

Stage winner Erik Martinsson shares his experience of Lidingöloppet On Tour Powered By Klövern.

Interview with Erik Martinsson, winner of the Lidingöloppet On Tour Powered By Klövern in Linköping

The terms "competition nerves", "tradition" and "fighting spirit" are reminiscent of TCS Lidingöloppet in September. But the words have just as much bearing on the virtual Lidingöloppet On Tour Powered By Klövern, which is currently carried out in Sweden. This becomes clear in an interview with Erik Martinsson who has just won the stage in Linköping. He describes the event as an annual tradition with many similarities with a regular race.

Please describe your experience of Lidingöloppet On Tour Powered By Klövern in Linköping
It was fun! Participating in a race - even a virtual race - bring out special capabilities. I have run Lidingöloppet On Tour Powered By Klövern in Linköping every year for six consecutive years as an annual form test. I have actually managed to run all these races on the same time, within a margin of 30 seconds (34 min). In this way, the race is an annual check that my body is doing well and that I keep up with past performances.

What inspired you to take part in the race?
The fact that the winner is awarded an entry to TCS Lidingöloppet. I have run TCS Lidingöloppet 30K twice and would gladly take part ge again. 

Did you run the race with others?
I ran it by myself, which works well for me. There are advantages with running in a crowd like you normally do on TCS Lidingöloppet and to find people who can help you maintain a fast pace, but I manage to keep the speed up even when I run alone. 

Are there advantages associated with running a virtual race?
Absolutely, the flexibility is a big advantage. With a virtual race, you can schedule your race to a time when the weather conditions are optimal and when it fits life in general. The latter is especially important to me as a parent of young children. This year I completed my virtual race on a Thursday night when the weather was a bit overcast and about 15 degrees, which is perfect for me.

Did you do anything special to celebrate after the race?
Yes, we brought food and had dinner in the great outdoors. A perfect way to combine exercise with family life.

Are you coming to TCS Lidingöloppet in September?
Yes, that is the ambition! If possible, I would like to challenge my personal pest of 1:49 in the 30K!

TCS Lidingöloppet extends its warmest congratulations to Erik, and reserves a position for him in wave start 1 at Koltorps Gärde in September.
Take the opportunity to get your own qualifying time for the wave starts  - the spots in the wave starts are fewer than in a normal year and through Lidingöloppet On Tour Powered By Klövern you can grant one of them early. The following cities are next on the list:

Nyköping: May 31 - June 6
Falun: June 7 - 13
Lund: June 14 - 20
Ursvik: August 30 - September 5


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