Interview with Pernilla Nilsson, PerformIQ Life, on the cooperation with Lidingöloppet

Lidingöloppet has the privilege of working with a range of knowledgeable partners in the areas of health and well-being. In this interview, we have met with Pernilla Nilsson, CEO of PerformIQ Life, whose enterprise helps to inspire Lidingöloppet's participants to the joy of movement. 

Interview with Pernilla Nilsson, PerformIQ Life, on the cooperation with Lidingöloppet

What is "Life"?
PerformIQ Life is a digital health platform which aims to strengthen the public health in Sweden. Through courses, podcasts, workouts and much more, we have something for everyone - whether you are already training several days a week or still trying to get started. We have courses in self-leadership, mental health, and stress management - as well as training sessions for all levels, goals and areas of interest.

Our podcasts provide you with knowledge and lead the way to more well-being. In the platform, you can also find recipes for all tastes - all with the same core principles: health and simplicity.

All together, we aim to share simple tricks for a healthier, more energetic, and happier life.

Tell us about the collaboration
The fact that Life and Lidingöloppet strive to enhance public health and make people feel good through exercise, makes us the perfect match - we can benefit from knowledge, motivation and Inspiration together and jointly contribute to the joy of movement. With the collaboration, people can give themselves good habits and a strong body and mind with the help of Life, and at the same time challenge themselves by registering TCS Lidingöloppet - a challenge which is a personal success on many different levels.

Why is this important to you personally?
TCS Lidingöloppet is a folk festival a source of true joy for me, I have lived with TCS Lidingöloppet since I was a child when I ran TCS Lilla Lidingöloppet every year, together with my friends from home. I remember that children and aduts trained together at home on Rindö, and that TCS Lidingöloppet would constitute a fun adventure together every autumn.

We met before with preparations - the atmosphere was always exciting. The number bibs would be on and a time schedule had to be followed. After the finish we ate together, surrounded by a wonderful, cheerful atmosphere.

For me, running is an important part of my life, and it was formed there, by training with friends and then by carrying out the challenge, TCS Lidingöloppet itself.

Now, many years later, I have continued to run and I have ran all the races several times. Running constitutes the lion's share of my training and I love it, just like many with me.

How can Life contribute to/support TCS Lidingöloppet’s participants?
Life has workouts, podcasts, courses and lectures. The content keeps you motivated and makes you a stronger runner. There are goal-oriented training programs with running technique, and you can also get support with nutrition in preparation for for exemple TCS Lidingöloppet. Malin Ewerlöf and Maria Akraka are profiles who you will find on Life, and who can help you through the training before TCS Lidingöloppet.

Many runners want a lot at the beginning, what is your advice to them?
I recognize the same feeling, and I have repeatedly gone out too hard, but if you take the advice shared by us and TCS Lidingöloppet, it should go well.

However, some runners still end up injured due to excessive training. Fortunately, Life has many experts who know how to take care of injuries and who can help you to prevent common running-related injuries. 

You can now test Performiq Life at the special price of SEK 299 for a whole year, use the code LIDINGOLOPPET -

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