How to buy and sell starting positions in TCS Lidingöloppet

Are you about to transfer an entry in TCS Lidingöloppet to another participant? This article specifies how to proceed and which wave start the buyer ends up in.

How to buy and sell starting positions in TCS Lidingöloppet

About personal exchanges and second-hand purchases in TCS Lidingöloppet 2021
For safety reasons, all participants in TCS Lidingöloppet must be registered with their own name. If an entry in  TCS Lidingöloppet is thus sold or handed over to another participant, it must be registered under "Place transfers" on My Pages. It is possible to transfer your entry via My Pages all the way until the day before the event and the cost of SEK 200 is paid by the purchser or recipient.

On the race day, place transfers can take place on site via the competition office/number bib distribution at Lidingövallen at a cost of SEK 300.

In the case of a transfer, you do not take over the place in a wave start. It is thus not possible to buy a better wave start.

How to transfer an entry in TCS Lidingöloppet
Log in to My Pages via and click on the button "My Entries" at the top left of the page. On this page you can see which races you are registered for. Click on the button "Change participant" and then click "I accept the transfer".

2. As you approve the transfer, you will be unregistered from the race, at the same time as a code will be sent by email to the purchaser/recipient. 

3. The purchaser/recipient can then log in to My Pages, register for the race and pay the fee of SEK 200. The participant will then receive a confirmation via e-mail.

What starting group you end up in after a personal exchange or second-hand purchase?
The buyer or recipient does not automatically take over the seller's start number and place in a wave start. Results from previous years' TCS Lidingöloppet, as well as results from qualification races, instead determine which starting group the buyer or recipient is placed in.

Get into a better wave start after the transfer
If you want to join a faster starting wave after the transfer, you can participate in a qualifying race. Via this link you can see how to register for and perform a qualification race and which races ahead are can be used to qualify for TCS Lidigöloppet's wave starts. You will need to participate in a qualification race before the 6th of September  and the wave start qualification can only take place if there is space in the wave starts. 

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