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Join the Saucony Run Club!

Saucony Run Club is the running community which offers training for everyone - no matter where you are! With the group's digital programs, you may choose exactly how, where and when to train.

The current lack of of clear goals and training communities, paired with cancelled races, have left many struggling to find motivation to run. This is something that Saucony Run Club aims to change! All members of Saucony Run Club are offered free training programs developed by elite runner John Kingstedt.

With Saucony Run Club, Saucony  runners out in the country have the opportunity to be part of a training community - something that has become extra important in these times. Saucony Run Club offers free training programs created by the Saucony-sponsored athlete John Kingstedt. The programs are basic training schedules which allow runners to train wherever and whenever they want, completely on their own terms. As a member of the Saucony Run Club, you may choose between three different training groups, which follow the same programs but with different training intensity. If you wish to run a little more, you may choose group 3 with 5-6 sessions a week, and if you would like to train less, you may enter group 2 with 4-5 sessions per week.

Are you interested in hanging out with Saucony Run Club? Bring your colleague, your neighbor or your best friend and sign up today. Click here for more information and to register. 

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