Handelsbanken Lidingö prepares for TCS Lidingöfemman!

Lidingöloppet has met Handelsbanken Lidingö, which is currently getting three teams and 16 colleagues ready for the new team competition -TCS Lidingöfemman!

Handelsbanken Lidingö can, with some word play, be compared to a power bank in their preparations for the TCS Lidingöfemman team competition. Before the race, in which the office has registered three teams, the employees recharge through joint morning workouts, bootcamps and health focus. The hope is an evening full of energy on the 23rd of September: 

- We are already active at the office in general – many colleagues cycle to work, for example. However, this challenge gives us the opportunity to focus on physical and mental health together, say office manager Mikael Gustafson and placement advisor Pernilla Becker.

They further describe that the office has already carried out training sessions together, and that more are planned. For example, they have run intervals together around the local hockey facilities, where the employees could participate according to their own abilities and fitness level. 

However, there are no expectations of performance in TCS Lidingöfemman – that will not be the main focus of the event. Mikael instead emphasizes all the soft values ​​that will characterize the running party, before, during and after the race.

- Some colleagues may walk around the 5K course, while others will run. That's not the important part. We instead take on this challenge together to have fun along the way. By arranging TCS Lidingöfemman on a Friday evening, the race can become an afterwork party which we may complement with a picnic, we will see!

It is not surprising that TCS Lidingöloppet is associated with positive energy for both Pernilla and Mikael. For both of them, the race is an annual tradition which they share with family and friends and where they for many years have volunteered as officials. Perhaps they therefore experience a particular excitement introducing the running party to new participants:

- Even if not all colleagues will take part in the team competition, we aim to be on site at Grönsta with the entire office - which consists of 16 individuals. Ten of them live on Lidingö, and six commute from Stockholm. This means that a couple of them will experience TCS Lidingöloppet for the first time this year!

Although Handelsbanken Lidingö has no focus on performance in the race, the number of participants is a strength which distinguishes them in the starting field. Mikael and Pernilla therefore announces a challenge to other companies in the team competition:

- We would like to challenge all local Lidingö companies, and especially banks, in the number of registered participants who register for the team competition!

TCS Lidingöloppet wishes Handelsbanken Lidingö the best of luck as they take part in the running party on the last Friday in September!

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