Four questions to TCS Lidingöloppet's new sponsor manager Carina Thomasson!

TCS Lidingöloppet is proud to present our new sponsor manager and team member Carina Thomasson, who will have the overall responsibility for the TCS Lidingöloppet's partner-related tasks. Here she answers four questions about herself and her role!

Four questions to TCS Lidingöloppet's new sponsor manager Carina Thomasson!

Tell us about yourself and your background!
I have most recently been a part of IBM, where I worked with both sales and marketing - over the last four years with focus on IBM's Swedish marketing events. Simultaneously with the event role, I worked with IBM's sponsorship at Vasaloppet. I am a happy recreational runner who really enjoys training and challenging myself. My favorite sports are running and cycling (both road cycling and MTB) but I have also finished several Vasaloppet and triathlon events.

What was it that made you interested in TCS Lidingöloppet?
I was intrigued to be a part of an organization where the goal is to make people move and feel good. I was also excited to help creating an unforgettable experience for the race participants together with the sponsors we work with.

You have tried a number of running challenges yourself, would you like to share some examples?
I am not a fast runner, but prefer to run calmly over longer distances, especially in the woods. I have however finished both marathons and shorter city races. A very pleasant running experience which I did with a friend was to run all 11 stages of Roslagsleden, which goes between Danderyd and Grisslehamn. The distances are between 9 and 25K, one more beautiful than the other. The event takes you on a journey over coniferous paths, gravel roads and over cliffs, right by the sea.

What is the benefit for an enterprise in sponsoring TCS Lidingöloppet?
TCS Lidingöloppet is the world's largest cross-country race with thousands of runners distances for everyone. Being a sponsor of TCS Lidingöloppet gives the opportunity to reach out to the TCS Lidingöloppet network of runners and followers both before, during and after the races, the ability to become associated with TCS Lidingöloppet, as well as the capacity to be at the center of the most extraordinary running festival of the year. It also means being a part of the partner network which meets regularly to exchange experiences and inspiration.

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