Family vacation and training camp – can they be combined?

The vacation seasong is upon us! It is finally time for a break from everyday musts and routines. Time to relax with the family, time for recovery, and time for training! Does that sound like a difficult combination? Not if you go to one of Ving's Sunwing hotels. There you will find everything you need to create your own training camp - regardless of when you have the opportunity to travel.

Text: Anna Dahlberg, Photo: Ving's image archive

After a hectic autumn with an great amount of work and other projects, we land on sunny Mallorca one day in October. It is so perfectly "reasonably" warm - the sun is warm but the air is fresh. The whole family is together and we are looking forward to a week of, play, swimming, good food, and exercise.

We have chosen to book Sunwing Alcudia, which is located by the beach with a fantastic view. With two small children, we expect to spend a lot of time at the hotel so that we are close to the room for diaper changes, bedtime and snacks. After the first dip in the pool and a few rides down the slide, it's time for the kids to sleep. In the meantime, we have a cup of coffee and grab our smartphones. It is time to plan the upcoming training!

To our help, we use the option to book group training sessions online and download running loops. And best of all, no time needs to be spent on logistics and transportation. Everything we need is right here in the hotel. A well-equipped and fresh gym, spa with treatments, group workouts and a long beach walk. It feels incredibly luxurious!

Is it possible to eat healthy though? Exercise in all its glory, but food is equally important. I, who am also a trained dietician, find it very important that the food is both good and nutritious. And the answer is yes! The hotel's buffets and menus offer lots of vegetables, salads, fruit, fish and several vegetarian options every day. This will fit our family perfectly!

Summary: Are we feeling satisfied with the trip and the training? Yes, very satisfied. We went home with sweaty training clothes in our luggage, a lot of training soreness and full of new energy for the winter. Here is our training diary from the trip:

08.00 We started the week with a powerwalk with the children along the promenade. We took the opportunity to check out the surroundings and to bring the body back to life after a long day of travelling. The breakfast buffet tasted very good afterwards!

11.00 Nap time for the children and reading time on the balcony for mom. Dad took the opportunity to go on the week's first 8K run. It is great to be able to download running loops when you cannot find your way around the area.

While the family applied sunscreen, mom went down to the gym for a group training session; 1 hour with cross training and core stength.

15.00 Dad visited the gym for a 35 minute workout session while mom and the kids hung out in the Lollo & Bernie Club.

08.30 Family Powerwalk again, which ended with a spontaneous dip in the sea before it was time for breakfast.

12.00 Mom joined in on Water aerobics - it was harder than one might think!

16.00 Dad tried yoga for the first time.

Rest day with a lot of training soreness. Therefore, it was very suitable for mom to book a Sunwing Spa Ritual. 75 minute full-body massage with facial treatment. One of the highlights of the week. The children took a nap and Dad read Kepler on the balcony. Everyone felt very happy!

It went so smoothy for dad to apply sunscreen that mom could start the day with a yoga session. Namasté!

11.00 Time for the children's nap, this time mom also fell asleep. Dad, on the other hand, wanted to be more active and thus went on a new around Alcudia, which he conveniently download online. 

Rest day!

Time to go home. We loved the Easy check-in option. No heavy suitcases to carry to the airport. Wonderful!

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