Enjoy training during your vacation

The vacation is a wonderful opportunity to rest, recover, and spend time with loved ones! Leave your everyday chores at home and enjoy waking up every day without stress, demands and effort.

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Maybe you have for long been thinking about getting started with training, but feel that everyday life prevents you from launching your ambition. As many of Ving's hotels have a large selection of training opportunities, the vacation can be an inspiring and easy start of a more active everyday life, as the threshold can feel lower.

Exercise on your own or with others - Ving offers a great selection of group exercises to choose between. If you want to get started with strength training but are a little unsure of how it works, you can book the "Basic Gym Introduction", available at all our Sunwing-, OBC- and Sunprime hotels, see for example https://www.ving.se/hotell/sunwing/traning. An instructor goes through gym equipment and shows participants how to use it, and also shares advice on how to create a training routine.

The vacation can also be a golden opportunity for you who have trained for the The Swedish Classic Circuit to enhance your fitness even more and to qualify for the wave starts in TCS Lidingöloppet. Through our collaboration, it is now possible to qualify yourself on all our hotels with digital running routes. Just run a route which is at least 9K long with the help of Runkeeper, MapMyRun or Endomondo. When you are finished, take a pucture of your time and distance and send the image, together with your name and personal identity number, to info@lidingoloppet.se.

Link: https://www.ving.se/traningsresor/traningshotell

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