Blodomloppet Stockholm attracted over 11 000 participants

On the 14th - 15th of June, more than 11,000 participants gathered to take part in this year's summer party Blodomloppet Stockholm - an opportunity to run, walk or jog together and simultaneously manifest the importance of blood donation and healthy habits.

Blodomloppet Stockholm attracted over 11 000 participants

Blodomloppet Stockholm is a traditional summer party during the month of June which manifests for the need for blood donations. When Blodomloppet Stockholm was carried out at Djurgårdsbrunn on the 14th-15th of June, many also took the opportunity to celebrate togetherness and public health after two years of digital races. The event became a two-day party which attracted more than 11,000 participants from companies, sports associations, families and groups of friends.

To include even more individuals into the community, this year's Blodomloppet Stockholm also introduced  Lilla Blodomloppet - a shorter variant Blodomloppet over 900 and 1100 meters for children of ages 7 to 12 - which attracted several hundred participants.

The arrangement did not only turn into a great running party with a picnic afterwards, but was also a successful recruitment source for new blood donors, where many runners took the opportunity to register at Blodcentralen's desk. Lidingöloppet thus wishes to thank everyone who participated and made the event possible - from all participants, to our owner clubs and their exceptional race officials, to Blodomloppet, Blodcentralen and Lidingöloppet's knowledgeable and committed partners.

About Blodomloppet Stockholm
More than 105,000 people in 18 cities across Sweden have so far participated in Blodomloppet. The event's purpose is to draw attention to and manifest the need for blood donation, and, at the same time, promote a healthy lifestyle. The race events are arranged by Blodcentralen and local sports associations and all profits are attributed to sports activities for children and the youth, as well as to promote blood donations. Blodomloppet has been arranged every year since 1993. Behind the arrangement of Blodomloppet Stockholm - a two-day folk festival at Djurgårdsbrunn on Djurgården - is Lidingöloppet.

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