BearingPoint on the joy of running as a team

Running a race as a team has many added values for corporate culture - both when it comes to mental- and physical health, the sense of togetherness and the support for important causes. In this interview, we have met colleagues from the IT- and management company BearingPoint, who share their positive experiences as a team in Blodomloppet Stockholm on the 14th-15th of June!

BearingPoint on the joy of running as a team

What is the name of your company and what are you involved with?
BearingPoint is a global IT- and management consulting firm with offices in 23 countries. In Sweden, we are about 80 employees and we are located in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. We help companies and organizations in both private and public sectors in areas such as customer experience, sustainability, data & analytics, digitization, purchasing and procurement, etc.

Why are you participating as a team in Bloodomloppet Stockholm?
We have participated in Blodomloppet many times and we think it is a great event - it gives us both a fun training activity with community building and also the opportunity to contribute to a great cause! At BearingPoint, we think that community and cohesion at work is important, and Blodomloppet is a fun event where everyone is welcome to participate at their own level.

Why did you sign up for "Rädda liv på arbetstid" (Save Life During Work Hours)?
Blood donations are important and in great demand. Rädda liv på arbetstid is thus an easy way to help saving lives and to contribute to something essential in healthcare. In many cases, people have been thinking about donating blood but have not really taken the step to do so. At BearingPoint, we have the privilege of being able to make this contribution during working hours, and through Rädda liv på arbetstid, more of us have done so. Together we strengthen our individual efforts.

How do you encourage employees to donate blood?
We usually carry out blood donation campaigns at regular intervals, in which we encourage our colleagues to become blood donors. We do this by spreading information and by making it a fun thing. In this year's campaign, we have, for example, sent out information about blood donations in our internal channels and carried out a study visit to Blodcentralen at Hötorget. As an incentive to donate blood, we have also offered all donors to participate in the picnic that is arranged in connection with Blodomloppet. At the same time as we encourage employees to donate blood, we are also careful to point out that participation is voluntary so that no one will feel forced.

How do you get your teams excited for Blodomloppet Stockholm?
We have prepared throughout spring with running sessions together, where we have focused on Blodomloppet. We have also shared our progress both internally and on social media. 

Do you want to follow BearingPoint's example and sign your company up for a team event? Registration is now open for TCS Lidingöfemman on the 23th of September - a fun running party for teams of three people where a prize is also awarded for the best suit!

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