Anna Öberg Elected new Chairman of Lidingöloppet

Lidingöloppet's owner clubs, board and staff welcome Anna Öberg to the role as chairman of the Lidingöloppet organisation. The position entails the presidency over the TCS Lidingöloppet weekend, as well as for Lidingöloppet's other race events throughout the year.

It is with great joy that Lidingöloppet presents our new Chairman Anna Öberg, who is thereby assigned the leading organisational responsibility for the world's largest cross-country race TCS Lidingöloppet, as well as for Blodomloppet Stockholm, Vårmilen and Lidingöloppet's other race events throughout the year.

Through the new chairmanship, Lidingöloppet will henceforth be managed through dual female leadership. In particular, Lidingöloppet has since 2020 been managed by Secretary-General Cecilia Gyldén, who is responsible for leading and developing the organisation.

In addition to her profession as a lawyer, Anna Öberg has a long-term commitment to Swedish athletics. She has for example been a board member in the Swedish Athletics Federation, a chairman of IFK Lidingö Friidrott (one of Lidingöloppet's two owner associations, together with IFK Lidingö SOK), a representative in Lidingö Idrottsråd and has, in addition, been a member of Lidingöloppet's board for several years.

The common theme in all these roles has been a passion for the sports community - something that Anna believes will also play a central role in her chairmanship of Lidingöloppet:

- As a collectivist, I would like to ensure that Lidingöloppet remains a non-profit activity that benefits the general public - a gathering point for recreational activity all over Sweden, an engine for sports associations, and an annual party for all Lidingö residents. To achieve this, I am loooking forward to combining Lidingöloppet's long history and popular traditions with everything new that we have learned during the covid-19 pandemic in terms of making sports more accessible. In this way, we can bring Lidingöloppet into a new era.

For more information, please contact:

Fredrik Montgomery, Marketing and Communications Manager, TCS Lidingöloppet,
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