Anders finished all events during the TCS Lidingöloppet Week 2021!

With the ambition to beat his own goal time in the 30K, Anders Mogren entered TCS Lidingöloppet 2021. After a week of stubbornness, perseverance and encouragement from his wife and colleagues, a completely different goal has now been completed: finishing all races during the TCS Lidingöloppet Week!

Anders during two of the six races during the TCS Lidingöloppet Week (TCS Lidingöloppsveckan).  Photo: Jan Petersson

Anders Morgen, competing for Lidingö Stad, personalizes the term "perserverence". After missing his personal goal in TCS Lidingöloppet 30, he decided to let the journey throughout the TCS Lidingöloppet Week (TCS Lidingöloppsveckan) 2021 continue. When the week is over, he has not only completed all races (adding up to 94K) and won the gold medal in one!

In an interview, Anders describes what it was like to participate in all races during TCS Lidingöloppsveckan - and how his focus on new records will continue to TCS Lidingöloppet 2022!

Which of all the race events during TCS Lidingöloppsveckan did you enjoy the most?
- It must have been the 30K race, or maybe the Lidingöloppet MTB race which was a completely new experience for me as a runner.

What was the classic 30K race like on a bike?
- It was tough - one uses completely different muscles than what you do in running. I had a very good experience of the race though - I borrowed the bike from my co-worker and the whole team from work came and met me after the finish.

When did you experience your most memorable moment during the race week?
- When I came in first duing the Pink Ribbon-race (Rosa Bandet-loppet) 4K after a tough battle over the last 200 meters. In every race, including the Pink Ribbon-race, my wife cheered me on in the finish area. That was a special motivator to push a little extra and made the celebration afterwards especially joyful. Without my wife's help, I would probably not have managed to complete all the races during the TCS Lidingöloppet Week. The knowledge that she was waiting meant that I could not give up.

How did you recover from the races - especially in preparation for the 15K race after having finished the 30K the day before?
- I focused on eating well after the races, especially pizza and pasta.

What personal attribute do you think helped you to complete all races during the TCS Lidingöloppet Week? Was it curiosity, courage, or something else?
- I think stubbornness, I am very strong-willed and do not give up easily. It is probably a prerequisite for registering for and completing all six race events.

You have participated in TCS Lidingöloppet many times before - did you learn anything new about yourself during this year's races?
- Yes, that I have more stamina than I think, that one should not run too fast after start in the races, and that one benefits from going slow in hilly sections.

How will you celebrate now that you have finished all race events during the TCS Lidingöloppet Week?
- I will hang the six medals on a hook at home and then start looking at what experience to look forward to next. An idea I have for next year, to top this experience, would be to finish all races during one and the same weekend - perhaps related to a fundraiser to the benefit of the Swedish Cancer Society (Cancerfonden), for example.

TCS Lidingöloppet sends our most heartfelt congratulations to Anders and wishes him all the best for his upcoming record-breaking endeavors!

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