About food and drink during this year's arrangement

TCS Lidingöloppet informs about the food and drink available during this year's arrangement. Through an increased focus on sustainability, a reduced climate footprint and Swedish origin labels, TCS Lidingöloppet has broadened its range of Swedish flavors during the event, with more Swedish food and drinks before and during TCS Lidingöloppsveckan (the TCS Lidingöloppet Week).

About food and drink during this year's arrangement

This year's TCS Lidingöloppsveckan (The TCS Lidingöloppet Week) draws a new focus on Swedish produce. Through a collaboration between Lidingöloppet, LRF, Från Sverige and Svenskt Kött, you can enjoy food from Swedish farmers in all servings during TCS Lidingöloppsveckan. Also the volunteer workers' food will be prepared with Swedish ingredients.

In the following food service stations, you will, between the 24th and the 26th of September, find lunch, snacks and post-run nutrition from Swedish farmers and producers. Information about the food provided between the 2nd and 3rd of October will come next week:

In the grill on Lidingövallen, participants and spectators can find hot dogs and hamburgers. The entire selection of produce is labeled Svenskt Kött and served with Från Sverige-labeled sausage- and hamburger bread. Also the vegetables are Från Sverige-labeled.

Löfberg's coffee truck
Löfberg's coffee truck will serve Från Sverige-labeled cinnamon buns, Polarbröd's Från Sverige-labeled bread, Swedish milk and Swedish apples!

In a statement, TCS Lidingöloppet's Secretary-General Cecilia Gyldén, describes the pride that characterizes the focus on Swedish food and drinks during TCS Lidingöloppsveckan 2021:

- Together with LRF, Svenskt Kött and Från Sverige, TCS Lidingöloppet highlights sustainability and origin issues before, during and after TCS Lidingöloppsveckan. The emphasis on Swedish products means an increased focus on good raw materials, high quality and Swedish origin, while simultaneously offering support for the Swedish countryside and Swedish agriculture.

Take the opportunity to discover Lidingö's food during your trip to TCS Lidingöloppet. The TCS Lidingöloppet course winds past beautifully located cafés and restaurants for spectators and hungry runners before and after the race - for example Långängens Gård, Kaptensstugan and Lidingö Musteri. For more tips, see "Mat & Dryck" on Upplev Lidingö's website.


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