Run like the elite – use Enervit's Energy Service!

If you want expert assistance to perform at your best in TCS Lidingöloppet 30K, Enervit offers an energy service which helps to keep your energy levels up throughout the race!

Run like the elite – use Enervit's Energy Service!

During the TCS Lidingöloppet 30, you can get expert assistance to perform at your best. Enervit provides an energy service which gives you the perfect composition of energy, minerals and hydration directly on the trails.

For example, to ensure that the energy levels stay high, the body needs 100g of carbohydrates per active hour. At a finish time of 3 hours and 30 minutes in TCS Lidingöloppet, you thus need between 2600-3000 kcal depending on weight/average heart rate etc. You also need minerals to avoid cramps. Through the energy service, Enervit ensures that you get these resources, in the correct composition and dosage.

In addition to being adapted to fit your journey through the Lidingö terrain, the energy service also has the advantage that you do not have to carry any energy gels and recovery products with you on the trails.

The personal energy service costs SEK 350, is available in a limited supply, and can be booked at the checkout in connection with your registration for TCS Lidingöloppet 30K. If you are already registered, you can also purchase the service via Tickster, and also on site on race day.

The package contains: 1 unit of PreSport, 1 unit of Gel, 1 unit of Liquid Gel, 1unit of Liquid Gel Competition, 6 units of Carbo Tablets, 1 units of WP Recovery and an Enervit bottle, as well as a band showing that you are receiving the service.

Enertvit and TCS Lidingöloppet wish you the best of luck on the trails!

(All participants in TCS Lidingöloppet 30 receive water, sports drinks and energy products at the regular energy stations. Enervit's energy service are in addition to these).

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