Recover ligaments with strong liniments

Christofer at Ormsalva shares expert advice on what to do if small injuries would occur during the preparations for TCS Lidingöloppet!

Recover ligaments with strong liniments

We are now in the final weeks before TCS Lidingöloppet - a time when runners all over Sweden are training on trails covered by roots and rocks. If an accident would occur during this preparation phase, there is hope, says Christofer Stevenson, product specialist at Ormsalva. In this article he shares his expert knowledge on how to heal minor injuries on soft tissue.

1. What can one do to treat sprains and other ligament injuries if an accident would occur on the trails?
I always carry sports tape or pressure bandage with me when I run longer distances where I know it will take some time to get help. Would an accident occur, I can quickly apply pressure bandages on the injury. It is important to apply pressure quickly in order to minimize swelling and shorten the healing time.

Once home, I would use Ormsalva Freeze Power to cool the injury down. When it is possible to support the foot or leg again, I would start the rehabilitation process. This can occur the same day of, or a few days after, the injury. In the meantime I would continue to use the Freeze Power to increase blood circulation, and to keep the swelling down. After three to seven days, you should be able to apply full body weight on the injured body part, but be a little moderate with the runnig distances. After two weeks, you should be able to be back running normally again, but it is important to continue the rehabilitation process, and to assist the body with sports tape. If the healing process takes longer, I would contact my physician.

2. How do Ormsalva's products for temporary pain relief work?
The secret behind pain relief is to apply heat and cold. You should choose what feels best depending on what kind of pain you are suffering from. As mentioned above, cold works against swelling. If you need pain relief on for example a shoulder or an elbow, heat works better, and in this case I would suggest Ormsalva Insane, or Ormsalva Extreme. It is always better and more fun to use Ormsalva's products to prevent injuries thouugh - before the pain occurs.

3. How should the products be applied (when and how often and in connection with heat or cold)?
In case of injury, apply the producs two to three times per day, or as needed on the exposed area. Avoid open wounds.

4. How can you feel that the products work?
The Arnica Montana in our products starts working as soon as it get applied, and increases the blood circulation. Some individuals experience a warming sensation, others feel nothing at all. The same goes for your heating and cooling products - the experience differs between users. In general, you will feel some heat or cold immediately. If you start to exercise right after, you will feel that the skin begins to "breathe".

5. What would you recommend if you have a small injury on soft tissue and aim to run TCS Lidingöloppet in a few weeks?
I would seek care if you are unsure of how badly you are injured. A medical professional can better estimate what rehabilitation program will be needed to heal fast. After that, Ormsalva's liniments can help to speed up the healing process so that we can see each other the TCS Lidingöloppet Week!

Lidingölabbet is looking forward to a great race weekend this fall, and we are sending our best wishes to all participants in your preparations in the meantime! 

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