Change och sell your entry

Do you have a start you cannot use and now you wish to sell it to another runner? Do you want to change classes or distances? This is how to do it.

Buy, sell & change classes

Change of runners

When you have found a start to take over from an entered runner, you make a name change to Lidingöloppet. For safety reasons, it is not allowed to run in another person’s name and start number. That will lead to disqualification. And of course, you want your name in the resultlist!

The cost to change a runner is SEK 200 and is paid directly upon transfer by the person who takes over the place.

It is possible to change a runner up to the Thursday before TCS Lidingöloppet.

Log in to My Pages to change a runner.

If you want to change the runner during the TCS Lidingöloppet weekend you can do it at the race office, byt the number bib distribution, at a cost of SEK 300.

The change of runner does not mean that you take over the place in the starting group.

Sell a start

You can sell your start number, the buyer then makes a name change. Se information above.

Please note that Lidingöloppet have no possibilities to help finding a buyer for you.

Please be careful, there is a risk for impostors. Always use known websites for buying and selling with secure payment methods.

Change classes

Have you changed your mind and want to change the race you are registered for? It is fine to change race with a lower price range.

Log in to My Pages to see your options and any additional fees associated with this.

Class change/Race change can be made no later than 2 hours before the first start of the race you are registered for.

Switching from physical races to digital races can be done until 24/9.

Do you want to seed yourself into another wave group?

If you want to start in a faster wave group, you can seed yourself. Here is information about seeding for TCS Lidingöloppet.


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