Friend Seeding

Friend seeding is possible subject to space. This means that you can switch to a later start group than the one you have been assigned to run, for example, with a friend or in a group with a slower pace.

Friend seeding is done by:

  1. Do a Re-seeding
  2. Enter "kompisseedning" in the "Distance" field.
  3. Enter the year you intend to participate
  4. In the field for time, enter in the field for minutes the starting group you wish to move to. NOTE it must be a starting group with a higher number than the one you were previously assigned.
  5. In the race field you can write us free text, eg. your friends name
  6. Click on "send new seeding details"
  7. We will send you a confirmation when we have processed your friend seeding request.

NOTE Friend seeding can never give a better starting group than the one you would be assigned based on your running merits.

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