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Frequently asked Questions and Answers:

How does Lidingöloppet react to the rules stipulating that public gatherings with more than 50 participants are banned?
Lidingöloppet fully supports the authorities' recommendations regarding the work of combating Covid-19. Lidingöloppet has, however, during the summer worked hard to get a more flexible interpretation of the so-called "50 rule". We believe that the rule is illogical and has unreasonable consequences for the races. The rule has the consequence for Lidingöloppet that only one runner per kilometer can run our race.

Participants who participate in this year’s alternative, virtual races must take their own responsibility for not starting their race at the same time as many other participants. It works in many cases, but not in all. When the Swedish race organizers, large and small, want to take responsibility for regulating starts and finish times in order to ensure that not too many participants start or finish at the same time, we suddenly become a "general gathering", and our applications get rejected by the police authorities.

The races notice that enormous values ​​are at stake if the prevailing, narrow interpretation of the "competition area" continues to be applied. Cancelled races will have difficult and far-reaching consequences for the races. In the end, it will have severe negative impact on public health.

Will TCS Lidingöloppet be cancelled in 2020?
No, we will not cancel the races. They will instead be organised in a different manner. The races will be organised as virtual races during a time period of a month: 19 September until 18 October. You can either run TCS Lidingöloppet @Hemma, TCS Lidingöloppet @Lidingö, Rosa Bandet-loppet @Hemma samt Rosa Bandet-loppet@Lidingö

I am already registered for one of the races during the TCS Lidingöloppet race weekend 2020, but now the races will not be carried out as planned. What happens to my application?
Already registered participants receive information on 25 or 26 August about what applies to their registrations. This communication was sent out via email to the address specified in the registration. If you have not received or this email or have further questions, you are welcome to contact us.

Do you have a maximum time for the race this year, or can I run completely at my own pace? 
Since you are responsible for carrying out your race yourself this year, you can choose completely at what pace you want to run. No time limit in other words!

Can I compete in the new, thick shoes?
Since 2020 is a special year, you as a participant have your own responsibility for your race either you run TCS Lidingöloppet 2020 / Rosa Bandet-loppet 2020 @Hemma or @Lidingö. This also applies to the choice of shoes.

Will I receive a medal when I have completed my race? 
If you have completed your race, you may receive or order a medal with a motif by Carl Milles. This year's motif called "The Rhino". 
 For several reasons, the medals will be awarded some time after the race. According to the authorities' rules, we must avoid crowds at the finish line and can therefore not have medal distribution. We were for a long period of time also uncertain whether we could organise a race in 2020. We have therefore been late in ordering medals. With regard to the finances of our non-profit owner clubs, this has been a necessity. 

You will receive an offer from our partner Stadium for having waited for the medal. You will either be able to pick up your medal in a Stadium store that you have chosen when registering, or have the medal sent home. Your choice depends on the type of registration you have made. When you register or move your registration to the digital races (if you were registered prior to August 25) you will have a choice to order a medal or not. 

You will also receive a digital medal sent along with a result information. You can attach this digital medal to your profile on, for example, social media. 

As 2020 is a special year, we will not have any silver medals.

Can I run my race several times this year? 
Yes, as are responsible for your race. You may run your distance, within the race period, you several times if you want to. Remember to decide whether you want to upload your result or not. If you run faster the second time, you may want register this faster time. If you run slower, you can simply choose not to report that result.

May I run several races in 2020?
Yes, you can sign up for one or several races. For example, you might want to run TCS Lidingöloppet 30 km @Hemma one day and Rosa Bandet @Hemma 4 km the following week. No problem, as long as you are registered for both races. Why not make a 55? It is the concept of running the three races 30 km, 15 km and 10 km?

Why will you only be able to offer alternative races for the TCS Lidingöloppet race 30k, the TCS Lidingöloppet race 15k, the Rosa Bandet race and the junior and veteran classes 10 and 15km and not for other races that are included in the TCS Lidingöloppet race weekend?
We have chosen this solution partly because these races gather the most participants and partly because the other races are either aimed at children who do not have the same opportunity to run a virtual race (requires phone or GPS watch) or at people who are at risk.

Will there be an elite race? Who will win this year’s race?
We will arrange an elite race on Saturday 26 September for specially invited runners. For this event, Lidingöloppet will fully adhere to rules, allowing a maximum of 50 people in the competition area i.e start area, track and finish area. More information about the elite race will be published soon.

Why can I not run my race on September 26?
If you choose to run the home variant, TCS Lidingöloppet @Hemma 2020, can run your race any day during the period 19 September - 18 October, i e also on 26 September.
If you choose to run TCS Lidingöloppet@ Lidingö, however, this is not possible. We will organise a number of elite races on Saturday 26 September on the tracks at Lidingö. These races will be made on the basis of a police permit that only allows 50 people, runners and organisers in total, to be on the track at the same time. Our responsibility as an organizer will be to remove runners who do not participate in the elite class. We therefore welcome you to run every other day during the race period than just 26 September.

What happens to the races included in the Lidingöloppet On Tour Powered by Klövern?
Several of the races included in Lidingöloppet On Tour Powered by Klövern have either been canceled or postponed. Follow the development on www.lidingöloppet.se or on each race's website.

What happened to your spring races, Lidingöloppet MTB, Vårmilen and Vårfemman?
As we have already announced, we were forced to cancel the races that originally would have been held in May 2020. Registered participants for Vårmilen and Vårfemman have been offered a place in the Rosa Bandet race in September 2020, while those who had already registered for our MTB races were offered to sign up for the MTB-evening race scheduled for September 2020. Unfortunately, the latter will not be possible due to the Covis-19 situation. Those bikers who are registered for Lidingö MTB evening   race have received an email from us with the choices we offer.

I am currently performing A Swedish Classic (En Svensk Kalssiker), what happens to the other races?
At the beginning of June, Vättern Round offered an opportunity to complete the race "virtually", as did the Vansbro swimming race. TCS Lidingöloppet’s  virtual races (both @Hemma and @ Lidingö) will also be included in your En Svensk Klassiker.

In En Svensk Klassiker 2020, you can choose to run TCS Lidingöloppet  @Hemma or TCS Lidingöloppet @Lidingö, or to postpone your registration until 2021. The races will be counted for both in 2020 and in 2021.

For more info on how to secure your Classic 2020, visit www.ensvenskklassiker.se

 There is a pandemic going on. Why don't you just cancel the races and pay back the registration fee to everyone who signed up?
Runners around the country have trained more intensively than ever this spring and summer. For many, the races are an important for the motivation to continue to train. Maybe you are in the middle of the implementation of A Swedish Classic, where TCS Lidingöloppet is included. Lidingöloppet wants to offer all these runners the opportunity to complete their TCS Lidingöloppet 2020, even if it will be in a different form than what we are used to. It is of course important that the runners take great responsibility and only start their race if they feel completely healthy and keep their distance from other runners out on the track.

The entire surplus of TCS Lidingöloppet goes back to the non-profit sports movement, to our two owner clubs IFK Lidingö Friidrott and IFK Lidingö Skid- och Orientering as well as to all other associations that are involved in organising the race. We cannot jeopardize the survival of TCS Lidingöloppet race and, in the long run, the non-profit sport clubs. We will therefore not be able to repay the registration fees already paid.

We hope and believe that the "package" we offer to already registered runners compensates for fact that TCS Lidingöloppet this year will not be as usual.

The Swedish Complaints Board (ARN) made a decision in principle in matters concerning events earlier this summer. With regard to events organized by a non-profit sports associations that has reserved the right to retain registration fees when an exercise race is canceled, ARN considers it reasonable that the organizer can keep the registration fees when a race is canceled due to circumstances beyond the control of a non-profit association. This applies provided that it is a limited amount of money that has been paid, which is often the case with registration fees according to ARN. ARN also points out that the organizer must be able to offer registered participants reasonable alternatives. As TCS Lidingöloppet is arranged by two non-profit associations, has clear and reasonable registration conditions, registration fees that are limited and also offers registered participants a number of different alternatives to the canceled race, we will not offer a refund of registration fees.

Why does a registration for TCS Lidingöloppet 30 km cost SEK 400, even though I have full responsibility for carrying out the race on my own?
A race organizer like Lidingöloppet works for a whole year to carry out a race that may take place over a weekend. Lidingöloppet needs to, during this single weekend, attract so many participants that it covers the costs for the full year. A year like 2020 obviously means a big challenge. We still have high costs and hardly any revenues. It goes without saying that we do everything we can to reduce our costs. The staff is on short-term leave and the costs of completing the race are of course lower than normal. Still, the challenges are enormous. When we set the prices for TCS Lidingöloppet @Hemma 2020 and TCS Lidingöloppet @ Lidingö 2020, we wanted to adapt the price levels to the prices already paid by the approximately 7,500 runners who were already registered. A runner who was already registered has paid twice as much, SEK 795. We hope that both already registered, and not yet registered runners want to register for our races in 2020, despite the fact that the races are different this year, both in terms of content and price. To compensate for this special year, we also give great offers to those who sign up for 2021.

I have a gift card that is valid for the regul race 2020, can I use this instead for the 2021 race?
Yes, all gift cards purchased for regular races in 2020 will be able to be used for all our races in 2021 instead. If you want to use the gift card for our virtual alternatives 2020, you need to contact info@lidingoloppet.se and we will help you..

I did not find an appropriate reply? Can you please help me?
Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@lidingoloppet.se or +46 8 765 26 15 (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 9 and 12).

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