Small adjustments made to the MTB-course map this fall

Operational event manager Martin Terry shares insight on the new and improved course. 

Small adjustments made to the MTB-course map this fall

Small adaptations have been made to the course map to guarantee an unparalleled MTB experience this autumn. In an interview, Lidingöloppet MTB's event manager Martin Terry describes the adjustments, and shares expert advice on successful strategies along the course.

1. What adjustments have been made to the course map in preparation for Lidingöloppet MTB this fall
The Lidingöloppet MTB race runs along the classic 30-kilometer track - an epic challenge for runners Sweden and which is now, for the first time, introduced to MTB cyclists. For safety reasons, the track has been slightly adapted for the MTB race to avoid accidents, especially on the locations where the course intersects with footpaths.

An intersection of this kind was recently noticed at the third kilometer mark, close to Kottlasjön. The course has therefore been adjusted along Långängen.

The path towards Elfvik is also hazardous since this lane attracts many pedestrians. For their and the participants' safety, the course on Nothern Lidingö will therefore go through Elfvik's forests and not along the coast.

See the new course, marked in blue, through this link! Please note the markings for potentially dangerous sections.

2. Do the adaptations bring additional benefits?
The changes create a better flow in the cycling, with a more even spread of participants throughout the course and more flat sections for recovery or acceleration. From a purely aestethic perspective, the new stretch is also more scenic as it passes through the fields of Långängen, so there are benefits to both the elite and to recreational cyclists. 

3. What kind of surfaces can cyclists prepare for?
The course consists of approximately 1% grass (at the traditional start at Koltorp and at the final stretch at Grönsta), 95% dirt, 2% asphalt and 2% forest trail. The fact that such long sections go over dirt roads is unique to Lidingöloppet MTB 30 and means that a damped bike is not a prerequisite for the race.

4. Lidingöloppet's 30K event is fanous in the running community for its beautiful natural scenery. Which will be the best part of the MTB track this autumn in your opinion?
The view from Bosön/the water jump.

5. You know the TCS Lidingöloppet trails better than anyone else. Do you have any inside advice on successful strategies on the MTB course this fall?
Go out with maximum effort right after start - the first kilometers are relatively easy.

Lidingöloppet MTB 30 welcomes you to the race this autumn. Secure your entry through this link!

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