Calle Friberg guides to Lidingöloppet MTB 30K!

Calle Friberg guides to Lidingöloppet MTB 30K!

During this year's Lidingöloppet MTB race, cyclists will for the first time ever compete on the 30K course - a respected and beloved route in the running community, strongly associated with tradition and with the Swedish Classic Circuit. Lidingöloppet MTB's ambassador Calle Friberg has cycled the course and here gives his idea of what recreational and elite MTB-cyclists can look forward to in October:

This year's course during Lidingöloppet MTB 2021 is a fun course. Even though it will be a slightly shorter race than ususl, it is worth trying out. Accordingly, my friend Anders Eriksson and I biked the course a few weeks ago. We started at Koltorp's Gärde, where the start will be. I noted here that it will be essential to be part of leading group early on, right after the start on the grass field. However, it will not be an issue to pass by other participants as the course is on nice and fairly wide running trails.

It will of course be full speed throughout the race, as the course is only 30K and not 63K as usual, but I promise that all participants will get exhausted, as the course is very hilly and as things happen all the time. Fun, but requires hard work! :). The trails are enjoyable to ride on, particularly the ones that pass by Bosön and Kottlasjön. So ENJOY!


Do you want to test ride the track and judge for yourself? The course route and course profile are available here.

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