Terms of conditions


 Your entry is binding and the conditions are in accordance to what is specified below:  

  • A race or a start changes from one date to another the same year: You can move your race registration to next year. The entry fee will not be refunded.  
  • The race becomes digital with own self-timing: You can either move your race registration to this arrangement, or move your race registration to next year. The entry fee will not be refunded.  
  • Races become cancelled due to Force majeure: In the case of a cancelled event caused by conditions beyond our control, such as fire, flood, natural disaster, labor dispute, war, terrorist attack, earthquake, ruling by a governmental agency, or an action made by a governmental agency to prevent viral transmission or the spread of other diseases, the entry fee will not be refunded. 
  • We do not compensate for loss of or damage to property. 
  • It is not allowed to participate in our races in someone else's name. 
  • You have the opportunity to sell your race registration at My Pages
  • We reserve the right to make adjustments in the content and design of the races and activities. 

Entry fees are not refunded since Lidingöloppet is arranged and coordinated by non-profit sports associations (IFK Lidingö Friidrott and IFK Lidingö Skid- och Orientering). All incomes that the associations generate from entry fees are used to cover expenses for the race arrangements. We bear significant costs for preparations and events throughout the year before each race to ensure that the races are carried out. These costs must be reimbursed through race registration fees. Lidingöloppet is thus not a commercial actor, but a non-profit organization which coordinates the races. 

Due to the pandemic in 2020, which made it impossible to carry out race events in the same way as in previous years, and to prevent runners from previous years from losing future events and offers, Lidingöloppet offers to continue sending out newsletters during a period of 3 years to people who are currently registered as newsletter recipients. This means that personal data in the form of e-mail addresses will be processed during this time. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletters, you can unsubscribe through the link at the bottom of the email. This will end the mailing and Lidingöloppet’s processing of your personal data. 

The terms and conditions apply from and including 2021-01-21.
Clarification orf term 2021-05-07.

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