Information from the TCS Lidingöloppet about the Corona virus

Below, we have compiled questions and answers about the impact of the corona virus on the Lidingöloppet events. The site will be updated regularly when we have new information.

How does the organizer Lidingöloppet respond to the new recommendations from the Swedish Health Authority that public gatherings with more than 500 participants should be banned?
We are aware of the fact that we and our events are affected by this decision, but of course we respect and follow the authorities' actions in order to fight the corona virus.

Will the TCS Lidingöloppet take place as planned?
We hope and believe that the TCS Lidingöloppet race last weekend in September is so far ahead that it is not affected by the corona eruption. However, we will, of course, closely monitor developments and keep in close contact with the authorities on the matter.

Will the Lidingöloppet MTB and Vårmilen be canceled?
The MTB Lidingöloppet, which is supposed to be held on Saturday, May 2, and Vårmilen, which will take place on Friday, May 1, are closer in time and decisions regarding these arrangements will be made shortly. Following this decision, we will immediately notify registered participants.

Will you stop participants from countries where the infection is spread?
We will follow the authorities' recommendations and decisions. When it comes to foreign participants, the respective embassies' recommendations regarding travel are also indicative.

I have been traveling in affected countries. Will I be able to participate in any of the Lidingöloppet events?
It is important that you, as an individual, stay up to date on what the authorities and the health service recommend if you have been in affected countries. If you suspect that you may have been infected while visiting abroad, contact your healthcare provider.

I am registered for the Lidingöloppet MTB / and / or Vårmilen. Will I get my registration fee back?
Decisions about Lidingöloppet MTB and Vårmilen will be made shortly. We will then communicate decisions to our notified participants.

What happens with the races that is part of the Lidingöloppet on Tour Powered by Klövern?
We will have an ongoing dialogue with the respective organizers' club about the race included in the Tour. Any decisions regarding the events are communicated via the respective race website.

I am registered for one of the races during the TCS Lidingöloppet weekend. Will I get my registration fee back?
We are currently assuming that the 56th edition of the TCS Lidingöloppet will be carried out as planned, but we are of course following the authorities' recommendations on the situation. If the problems remain as we approach the event, we will contact registered participants in good time with information about what will apply.

If I sign up now and the recommendations change, will I get my money back?
We follow the authorities' recommendations regarding the situation. If that situation changes, we will contact you with information about what will apply.

How can I keep up to date on the situation?
We will continuously report on the status of our events and how they are affected by the corona eruption via our social media (Facebook and Instagram) as well as through our website, the underside

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