Eco-labelled Event

At TCS Lidingöloppet, we work continously to decrease the environmental impact of our events. Our hope is that all our participants and visitors want to help us! 

Lidingöloppet is an Eco-labelled Event, awarded by the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation. 

Some examples of what we do:

• Free public transport to the event by bus from the closest metro station

• Cooperation with train company SJ, offering travels by train to the event at reasonable prices

• Cooperation with bus companies offering travels to the event from cities all over the country 

• Waste separation possibilites at the arenas

• Reduced use of disposables

• Increase our demand for environmental friendly alternatives from partners

• Optimization of our transports to reduce environmental impact

• Reduce the amount of paper mailings and increase digital information

• Reuse of material for our other events

• Clothes left behind after the race, and the surplus of functionary clothing are donated to charity organisations

• Uses Eco-labelled paper 

As a participant or visitor, please help us with this:

• Come by public transport, share the car with family and friends and if you stay neraby - come by bike!

• Throw trash in the garbage-cans and sort it correctly for recycling

• It is forbidden to throw any waste in the nature along the track or at the arenas. At the energy stations, there are garbage-cans - please use them!

• Use the toilets that are available along the tracks and at the arenas

• Don't use more water than needed in the shower 

Please take care of our common nature and arena! Thanks a lot for contributing.


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