Thank you to our partners, runners and volunteers!

TCS Lidingöloppet sends our most sincere thank you for all your efforts in 2020!

Thank you to our partners, participants and volunteers!

Christmas is the holiday of togetherness and community and TCS Lidingöloppet would therefore like to take the opportunity to express our warmest thanks to our community of partners, participants and volunteers. We are so proud to have promoted the joy of running to trails all over Sweden during a year when it has been needed most!

First, we would like to thank the backbone of our sports community, namely all the volunteers who have shared their commitment, joy, knowledge and experience during this year's event. We would also like to thank all of the participants who have motivated themselves and others to compete in this year's virtual race. Thank you for the joy you have created together all over the country, in the world, and online!

We would also like to thank our fantastic team of sponsors who, through the entire year, have contributed to the special community that characterizes TCS Lidingöloppet:

  • TCS, which through the campaign #thisrunStockholm has made running inclusive, unifying and inspiring for everyone, and which arranged a popular webinar about the special importance of sport in challenging times.
  • Stadium, which has helped us foster community building over Sweden's running trails by launching the official Lidingöloppet gear, and which continues to inspire movement throughout the year through the right equipment.
  • Saucony, which developed this year's Lidingöloppet shoe, and which has helped runners find running joy together via their training group We Who Run Club.
  • Klövern, which, during the most beautiful days of the summer, united runners in both city and country through Virtuella Terrängserien Stockholm (VTS) and Virtuella Terrängserien Sverige (VTS).
  • Lidingö Stad, which, with its great commitment to public health, opened up for TCS Lidingöloppet for an entire month, ensured that the trails were in perfect condition throughout the race period, and contributed with water stations for all runners.

    This is just a small selection of the community that makes up TCS Lidingöloppet. We would also like to welcome the partners, volunteers and runners who are new to the community. Together we are the world's largest cross-country race - this year with runners all over the world!

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