Lidingöloppet's secretary-general: "Welcome runners, supporters, and the public to this year's races!"

With the new year, we are seeing a great interest in setting new training goals and in re-exploring beloved traditions on the Lidingö trails. Lidingöloppet shares this excitement for the year ahead! In this article, Lidingöloppet's Secretary-General Cecilia Gyldén describes all there is to look forward to in 2022!

Lidingöloppet's secretary-general: "Welcome runners, supporters, and the public to this year's races!"

When will the next Lidingöloppet arrangement take place?
We are already seeing a great interest in this year's first race event, Vårmilen, which will be arranged on the 30th of April. This race offer both 5K and 10K race events on stunning Lidingö trails. It will be the perfect spring race, both for you who wish to run fast and for you who wish to go in a slower pace.

How does Lidingöloppet ensure that this year's races can be carried out, in the event of public restrictions or recommendations?
Lidingöloppet closely monitors and follows rules and recommendations issued by public authorities. After TCS Lidingöloppet 2021 we have routines which can be applied during this year's event, including the training of race officials, the scheduling of races, and rules for for example social distancing in all common spaces.

Since TCS Lidingöloppet 2021 ended up in the middle of a switch of  restriction policies, we actually organized the race events both with restrictions (the first weekend) and without (the second weekend). We thus feel confident in our ability to arrange great race events also in 2022. 

Many runners are currently looking for advice on how to prepare for TCS Lidingöloppet. What tips on for example training and equipment will Lidingöloppet share ahead?
This spring, we are looking forward to - in collaboration with elite runners, coaches, researchers and partners - sharing advice in the channel Lidingölabbet on the best preparation strategies for TCS Lidingöloppet. In videos, podcasts and articles, we will shed light on what training, equipment, food, prehab, rehab and recovery will give the best preparations for the TCS Lidingöloppet experience. 

Lidingöloppet supports a number of important projects - for example Swedish cancer research, blood donation and club sports for children. What cause is most important to you? 
All of them! Since there is a strong connection between health/well-being and exercise, all the causes above are urgent, but in different ways. I am sure that there is room to continue to prioritize both cancer research, blood donations, and the joy of running for both older and younger people, but also for people with disabilities. All these groups have also been hit hard by the pandemic, so more resources will be needed in the work ahead!

I would also like to add "sports communities" to the list of important causes above - a cause that stands at the core of all Lidingöloppet events! I am therefore pleased to relaunch Järva Skolstafett this year, which is a race that aims to inspire young people to become part of the sports movement.

What traditions - in addition to the races - do you hope that TCS Lidingöloppet can resume in september 2022 (which is your favorite activity surrounding the traditional race weekend - is it the Lidingöloppet breakfast, the pasta party, the tour bus, or something else)?
I have missed the spectators along the course and in the start and finish areas. The support is so extremely important for our fantastic runners and the audience is thus central to the running festival. In other words: welcome all participants to this year's races, and welcome back to all relatives, coaches, friends and the general public!

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